The Tekna Systems is a security solution company which was established in 2011 to manufacture a lot of security gadgets like access control system, CCTV surveillance system and a whole lot of other gadgets. It would provide home security solutions to people that felt insecure in their own establishments, and would be able to provide them without any excessive cost. The Tekna Systems phone number can be accessed by anyone looking out for such kind of security solutions that they would want within the confines of their own establishment.

Some of the services provided to you by the Tekna Systems home Security include;

  • Fire alarms.
  • Multi-apartment video door phones.
  • Fingerprint locks.
  • Remote managed services.
  • Data storage with cloud computing.

And a whole lot of other features. The Tekna Systems customer service number is always activated in order to help people that would like security services installed within their own house. However, it is also important to note splurge on unnecessary products, rather let an engineer check out the facility to find out the optimum security solutions necessary. Therefore, you can call the Tekna Systems helpline number to schedule a visit by the engineer that can provide you with a quotation on the charges necessary as well as the Security Systems required to be installed to provide complete coverage to your establishment.

For a better understanding of the Security Systems, you can also call the toll-free number Tekna Systems 1800 number. It would give you a good idea on the kind of Security Systems that can be used in your house.

Company Website –

Email – [email protected]

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5 years ago

The pricing is very transparent and reasonable and the equipment is great but the customer service could have been better. I was put on hold for multiple times while they were trying to get me the exact estimation for the security system.

5 years ago

The service I received was great and all the questions I had were professional answered. The support representative was very knowledgeable.

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