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In business since 2009, Secure Link is a fairly new home security company aimed to protect homes and businesses in different areas of Arizona. The company offers a choice of four different customized home security packages to fit your need and budget. Based on latest technological know-how, each of these four packages – basic, advanced, premium, and green – offers comprehensive security at the best price point. Secure Link’s unique green package allows the users to control and manage their energy usage right from their smartphone, thus helping them save up to 30% on their home energy costs.

Secure Link also offers exceptional customer service and in-house support for all issues pertaining to device installation, usage, and upgradation. Their friendly security experts can be easily reached by dialing Secure Link Helpline Number .

Secure Link Services

Secure Link offers a number of feature and benefits in its packages. Even its basic package includes the following features:

  • Motion sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Theft protection
  • False alarm protection
  • Video monitoring

The company also offers on-screen weather forecasts and other home automation features on its premium and green packages.

In addition to all these benefits, Secure Link also offers free home visit consultations to help you evaluate and create custom home security packages. You can schedule a visit by getting in touch with their consultants through Secure Link Customer Service Number .

Contact Secure Link

To know more about Secure Link services, specific equipment prices, and security plans, get in touch with their customer care executives using Secure Link’s free 1800 number.

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  • I was doing some research on the internet and finally came across link security systems. I love their DIY installations with 24 hours monitoring and how I can configure everything by myself. Most of it was self- explanatory and easy. I installed all the security devices at my home and for connecting the devices to the online app, I called up the customer service and they were very easy to talk and helpful. Everything was up online within a couple of minutes and I am very happy with the service I got. Knowing we got the security system makes us feel much safer. Thank you

  • I had an issue with my alarm system and the customer service was quick in responding to my issue. The technician came over for troubleshooting my alarm system and he did a great job. Everything is now working perfectly. Thank you

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