Protection 1 Home Security

Protection 1 is one of the most reputable home security providers in the United States. With over 2 million customer base, 97% customer satisfaction rate, and a large number of business offices across the nation, Protection 1 is the only alarm company to hold and maintain A+ BBB rating for year upon year. The company enjoys a long standing reputation of providing quality services in the security monitoring sector for not just homes but also small and medium businesses, banks, hospitals, and jewelry stores.

Expert home monitoring services

Protection 1 takes your home security needs very seriously and provides up-to-the-minute protection and immediate alert in case of theft or other emergency alerts. The company employs triple redundancy monitoring for expert home security and uses the most modern state-of-the-art home security technology for best results. Their Smart control and video packages are all wireless and non-invasive, making them easy to use even from a mobile device. This enables their customers to view live video feed of their home 24X7, lock and unlock doors, switch lights on and off, and control the temperature of their home with just the touch of a button.

Incredible customer service

Protection 1 deploys an exceptionally well trained and responsive customer service team that instantly responds to all service requests and promise to resolve them in just one day. Their security experts can be easily reached through Protection 1 Helpline Number and can help you with device installation, service, as well as consultation. Their team will take you through all the aspects of home security and will help you choose the best package as per your needs.

Additional safety net

Protection 1 provides an additional safety net for its customers. The company promises to pay up to $1,000 of the home insurance in case of theft or damage due to fire – a feature that not many other companies offer.

The bottom line

With best customer satisfaction rate, short waiting time, and no automated phone system, Protection 1 is a home security brand worth considering. Dial Protection 1 1800 Number to speak to their customer care executives, know about their special plans, and get your free home evaluation done today. You can also dial Protection 1 customer service number for issues, complaints, or errors in their home security system, if any.

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