Power Home Technologies

Established in 2004, power home technologies are amongst one of the best enterprise is when it comes to providing security solutions for small houses and companies across the world. They have been able to make use of cloud computing in order to provide excellent CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, intruder alarm systems and fingerprint locks along with a whole lot of other security gadgets to your house. If you are in need of excellent, sustainable security solutions without breaking your bank, then this is the company for you.

By contacting the power home technologies phone number, you would be able to find out the very best of gadgets to help you out. The power home technologies home security provides a whole plethora of products that you could possibly use and bring about an essential amount of change to the security features of your establishment. Amongst others, you can also contact the power home technologies customer service number to find out the kind of security features that you are currently experiencing. If you need a quotation, then they would send engineers to your house or establishment in order to find out security lapses and how it can be tackled.

By contacting the power home technologies helpline number, you would also be able to sort out any kind of issues that you might have in case you are seeking out proper security solutions. Overall, it is best that you call the power home technologies 1800 number in order to get the best condition possible for your Security Systems.

Company Website – http://www.pht.com/

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5 years ago

It took me on the second contact to get a quote from the customer service. The first time I called they said the quote will be send via my email but it never came. I waited for two days till I gave them a call back and they apologized from the error from their end and immediately got the quote. But thanks to their delay in action I changed my mind and went for another security system company. The customer service representative sounded very helpful but due to his lack of professionalism I decided not to go for them. took my business somewhere else

5 years ago

Customer service was very helpful and patient with all my questions.