Per Mar Security Services was founded in 1953 by John and Eleanor Duffy in Davenport Iowa, US. Per Mar is an established total security service organization that provides customer and clients with electronic security solution, monitoring services and physical security personal for all the customer home and business. Per Mar business started out in John and Eleanor home and to this very day, the business is owned and operated by the Duffy family growing to become one of the largest, family owned full-service security in US. Per Mar security are committed in providing reliable full service security solutions, protect customers and superior customer service.

Per Mar security services provides different types of Home Security Packages and the most popular packages includes Smart Home Security Package, Enhance Home Security Package and Ultimate Home Security Package. The securities available in all this packages are Alarm monitoring (which detects any smoke or fire emergency and instantly sends a message to a train professional monitoring your home 24/7 and the train professional will try to contact you immediately and displace for fire or police so that help is on the way), Security camera (indoor security camera and outdoor security camera, keeping an eye on what is happening at your home 24×7), environmental monitoring (monitoring then water sensor, temperature sensor and power alarm and get notified immediately in case of emergency), Smart Home Automation (connecting everything in your smart home from lights to thermostats to doors to security camera with the best home automated system and burglar alarms.

With the commitment to provide superior customer service and protection, Per Mar customer care is available 24×7 and Per Mar customer care support can be contact at. Customer can also send a question or query on the Per Mar websites by clicking on contact us and post a comment.

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  • great service. same day installation and everything is up and running. and the mobile app is awesome. thanks

  • I have all but positive experience with Per Mar Security systems. The tech devices are all working perfectly and the contractors who came in to install the system are experts in what they do. And the customer service was very friendly as well. Would recommend you guys for sure

  • I have the security systems installed for more than a year, and whenever I call the customer service for any questions or problem, they give a quick response. The customer service people are very knowledgeable and they know their system very well. I am very happy with the services and give me a peace of mind when I am away.

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Flight Booking, Change, Cancellation & more...

Call Us: +1-866-302-0055

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