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Registered in Grand Rapids, EPS security is amongst one of the most versatile security establishments in America that has been famous for electronic security. Providing a huge inventory of home security solutions like CCTV surveillance, the access control system, intruder alarm systems and a whole range of other services ensure that it becomes one of the best used products for a long time. Amongst everything that has been mentioned about EPS security, the one thing that stands out is therefore that customer satisfaction. This is the reason why EPS Security phone number is amongst one of the most dialed numbers when it comes to security solutions.

Apart from a whole range of other problems, security establishments across the world are scurrying to find out the proper essences of security. This is the reason why EPS home security is a viable solution which can be easily procured by calling the number  After all, you have expert people manning the EPS Security customer service number to help out those that are struggling with their security issues.

So, why EPS security?

Well, for one, it has millions of customers under its belt, and the EPS Security helpline number is always manned by an expert technician to provide you with proper solutions to your problem. The other advantage of using EPS security is that they provide quotations for security solutions that are well within the reliable limits of your income. By calling the EPS Security 1800 number, which is you would be able to get in touch with them for superior security solutions.

Company Website – https://www.epssecurity.com/

Email – customercare@EpsSecurity.com

Rating: 4

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  • The customer service was just horrible. I had to make three separate calls to finally speak with a person who was able to understand my problem. The first two times I called, I was transferred a few times and they had me waiting for 5-10 minutes and the called would have ended. So I have to go through that whole identification process to speak with one of them to schedule an appointment. But I do like the people who come over to fix the problem. They are very friendly and their service is outstanding.

  • Just want to take my time out to write about the amazing experience I had with EPS security. We got a wonderful service installing our home security and got ourselves a great deal. As a new resident in a new neighborhood, safety was my main concern and thanks to EPS security I feel much safer at home. They help us secure all our windows and doors and also got ourselves a free door bell camera. I would highly recommend them.

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