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    I have not used 24 hour fitness for more than a year. I called up the 24 hour fitness customer service to cancel my subscription instead they froze my account. I got charged for an annual fee without my knowledge and they are not willing to give me a full refund.

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    24 hours fitness has met my expectations in gym. I like that there is a pool and sauna and a lot of exercise equipment to choose from. I usually don’t have to wait long to use a machine during peak business hours. But due to my busy schedule, I called the 24 hour fitness customer service to end my membership. They keep me on hold for 10 minutes but when I got a hold of customer service, they lowered my monthly rate, waived my previous month unpaid balance, and gave me one month free. Seems like I will be staying with them longer than I expected. 😉

    Rating: 5