Launched in 1997, Yahoo Mail is one of the most renowned email service providers with more than 225 million active users worldwide. It is one of the oldest and the third largest email service provider and offers a host of features and benefits to its users.

Yahoo provides its users a user friendly interface and a compatible platform for regular use. Right from viewing, saving, storing, attaching to deleting emails, things are quite easy to do on Yahoo. The latest version of Yahoo mail has a new Ajax interface, drag and drop functionality, improved search features, keyboard shortcuts, address auto-completion, and tab view. The email client gives its users huge data storage capacity and the ability to manage even your third party email accounts from one its platform.

Yahoo is also known for providing powerful spam and security features in order to take care of the privacy of its users. It filters all incoming spam emails and alerts users of any suspicious activity. Yahoo provides comprehensive support to all its users through its Technical Support Number  Users can call Yahoo Mail 1800 helpline 24X7 and seek expert assistance for all issues pertaining to the email client.

Why choose Yahoo Mail services?

Some of the most distinguishing features of Yahoo Mail include:

  • User friendly interface: Simple, easy to use interface makes Yahoo Mail suitable for even novice users.
  • Simpler navigation: By grouping your Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad and Messenger at one convenient place, Yahoo makes it easier to switch between tasks.
  • Permanent folders view: Inbox, Sent, Outbox, Spam – all folders in Yahoo Mail are clearly segregated and quickly accessible, making it easier for users to find and respond to emails.
  • Huge Email storage capacity: Yahoo Mail offers 1 TB of data storage capacity. This includes your emails, documents, images and more.
  • Large file attachment limit: Yahoo Mail allows its users to attach files of up to 25 MB and up to 10 attachments per email.
  • Multiple rules and filters: Yahoo Mail has more than 100 in-build filters to automatically sort and segregate incoming message.
  • Superior spam and virus protection: Yahoo Mail has powerful spam filters and strong security controls. It automatically detects all incoming suspicious emails and blocks them from entering the inbox.
  • 24X7 live help & support: Yahoo Mail offers its users uninterrupted support service via Yahoo Mail customer service number    for instant support and complete peace of mind.

Want to know more?

Contact Yahoo Mail customer service executives by dialing their toll free 1800 number and get comprehensive assistance for getting started with your email client. They’ll take you through all the steps to help you make the most of your email client. You can also call yahoo Mail tech support number in case you are facing issues accessing your emails or with any of Yahoo Mail service and need assistance. Yahoo specialists are available 24X7 and can give you quick resolution for all your problems.

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  • Adda Sutte says:

    I can not connect to my e-mail or to my webhosting after Yahoo updating my email. Loosing business, no answer on the phone. Rating: 3

  • Robert Parker says:

    I just received an email that somebody hacked into my account in Orlando Fl. I was notified to enter my information and submit an new password. How can I tell if this is a scam. Can you contact me and tell me what to do. Thank you Robert Parker

  • priya lingawar says:

    Our company’s (Eminence Interiors LLC, Dubai) mail server is hosted on yahoo(small business) site is not working properly. We are facing problem in sending and receiving mails from 31st July. We have raised cases several times but you are not taking any action.

  • I lost my phone and I forgot my yahoomail and I need it back I really need it back. Please how can I get it back please

  • Colleen Nichols says:

    Yahoo mail is my first email and it has been more than 6 years since I last use my yahoo mail and I had no idea how to recover my yahoo mail password. I even tried the security question to recover back my password but I could not remember my answer. I tried all the options available to me but I could not do anything. Then I called these guys and they help me reset my old password and create a new one in a couple of minutes. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much

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