If you are seeking out a text based email client, which is free to use, then you would have to go for the PineMail. By simply calling the PineMail support number, you would be able to extract all the information necessary for you to resolve your own problems. In case you are unable to do so, then the PineMail customer support number would be at hand to help you out.

When you require some technical support, then the PineMail technical support team will definitely rescue you under such a situation. Although this email service is no longer in development and has been replaced by the Alpine client, it is still one of the most versatile products that you could use for all your email related services.

Features: –

For further information about PineMail, you could give a call to the PineMail helpline. They would be able to sort out all your details necessary to help you find out the best email service that you require. Some of the features include;

  • Multiple platforms support for this email client like UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • It is a text user interface, which does not require any external coding.
  • It is extremely versatile, although it has been removed from its original client base to the Alpine platform.

All in all, by simply gathering the PineMail contact details, you would be able to find out all the important things that there is to know about this email service. It is definitely going to help you out a long way.

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