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  • Why is my email is offline. Need to fix that. I tried everything snd it is still offline. Need help to get it back online, very upset that I can not receive my email and it’s been days. Please help. Thank you

  • Paul Prosseda says:

    Hi just started using Edison Mail, love it, very fast and efficient.
    I have a problem, hope you can solve it.
    I getting intermint notifications, on my IPhone 5S, IOS 11.4, and my carrier is tracfone.
    Seems I getting notified at home and is very fast and beats the computer all the time but not at all in the car. I do get the email in the car but no notication (sound).

  • You SoBs have hijacked my phone. Apparently I went to one of your sites, my phone had your Edison Mail forced onto it, and I cannot get rid of it. Screen is stuck on a Permission Needed screen and even turning phone off does not work. I now cannot use my phone. I imagine someone there laughing loudly. “Got another one”.
    I am reporting this to the FCC and will have to have a service get rid of it.

    If anyone outside your company reads this DON’T use this, though by the time you read this it will probably bee too late.

us +1-800-289-5502