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Becky! Internet Mail is an e-mail client for Microsoft Windows operating systems and is developed by the Japanese company RimArts. It is a multi-featured email client with Windows Explorer look and feel. Becky! is extremely powerful, feature-rich, and easy to use. It comes with flexible message filters, flags, labels, templates as well as smart folders to efficiently manage inbound and outbound messages.

The email client lets you manage multiple accounts from a single platform and offers MIME compatibility, exceptional mailbox management, text editing, and reminder capabilities. It features a Draft Box for you to store incomplete messages and provides full HTML messaging support for reading, composing, and forwarding messages. It also supports clickable URLs and email addresses within messages for user convenience.

Additional features

Becky! provides smart filtering manager for both incoming and outgoing messages. It supports a large number of plug-ins and allows date-dependent tasks to be assigned to messages. Becky! offers support for touch screens and sports a special feature – Agent. Agents are tasks assigned to any message for timely response or action. With Becky! you can also update tasks that are on priority and need timey action. It provides layers of encryption to your messages, helping you keep your messages secure and private. However, Becky! does not include a spam filter and its phishing alerts are not smart enough.

Becky! Mail support

The company provides excellent support services for all its users. It houses a team of friendly and helpful technicians who are ready to assist you 24X7. You can reach out to them by dialing Becky! Internet Email Phone Number and get instant support for all your queries and issues. They can help you install Becky! Email client, configure its settings, as well as integrate your existing email client for added convenience. You can also reach out to Becky!’s Mail Phone Number in case you are unable to receive messages using Becky! or are facing issues using any of its mail services.

So, dial Becky! Mail support number and enjoy hassle-free support and service for your email client. Help is available 24X7. Also, do not forget to read our Becky! Internet Mail reviews to know why other users entrust Becky! as their mail support partner.

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