Dyna Kleen- Your cleaning friend

Dyna Kleen, a company situated in Omaha, has been at the forefront of providing extraordinary vent and duct cleaning for people in and around the region. With some of the best state of the art facilities like trailer mount vacuums which come with super suction capability, they ensured that all kinds of dust and dirt are removed from your vents. You can dial the Dyna Kleen phone number in order to reach them and avail the services. The Dyna Kleen customer service number is pretty easy to remember, and does not create any confusion in the minds of people looking out for superior cleaning services for their AC vents and ducts.

Services offered: –

They provide pressure washing and vent cleaning of;

  • Furnace units.
  • Kitchen exhaust system and restaurant cleaning.
  • Air ducts.
  • Dryer vents.

And a whole host of other features. By giving them a call at the Dyna Kleen helpline, they would be able to offer you a customized cleaning quotation that is pretty competitive. Top of the line pressure washing machines have been introduced in the inventory to ensure that complete machine cleaning of all the AC vents and ducts in your house can be undertaken with precision.

Excellent service personnel: –

The experienced service personnel man the Dyna Kleen 1800 number, taking care of your grievances, and trying to help you out with solutions over the phone line as well. With the superiority and good quality professionals at Dyna Kleen product & services, cleaning the ducts in your house will no longer be a problem. All you need to do is to give them a call at the Dyna Kleen customer support number and they would be more than ready to send down a personnel to check out the problem and help you get a quotation, properly customized and in tune with your budget.