Newegg Phone Number is an online retail store that sells out the consumer electronics and computers. Founded in 2000 by a Taiwan Immigrant, Fred Chang, this store is known to be the one-stop hub for a techno-savvy purchaser.

The company is known as the online superstore that holds around 10.5 million products which are available with detailed information including reviews, specifications, and price range and photo galleries on the website. The Newegg customer service is also commendable to support the queries raised by the buyers. comes up with an unparalleled product and service range which is offered at competitive pricing. Though, the products and services are appealing, but many times, you require assistance provided by the customer service department of the company. You can call at Newegg customer service number and sort out your query regarding anything.

Newegg Phone number

If you need to call the customer service agent or the representative of their customer service department for any query regarding the product or service purchase or for any technical support, you can reach the Newegg customer service phone number.

You can call at 800-390-1119 and take the help from the helpful agents available at your service.

Get in touch with the Customer Service department:

With Newegg phone number, you can easily gain the benefit of networking with the technical support members of the Newegg community. The technical support team at is proficient in handling your request with expedite and process it towards the desirable solution in a stipulated time frame.

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  • I purchased my computer motherboard with the recommendations of newegg customer service and turns out it is really good for the price i paid. The service and product that they provide is awesome however the only one thing i do not like about newegg is the website. The website loading speed is too slow to check all the products and compare them. This website would be really great if they do something about the speed.

  • I ordered for a mobile phone and headphone. Newegg created a shipping number for both the products but I received only the headphones, not my phone. I called up the newegg customer service as soon as I got the delivery package. The problem was clear but newegg customer service could not deal with it. I got my mobile phone after two months. I received the headphones three days after the order was placed but the left side of the headphones is not working. It has been twelve weeks and the headphones is still with me and they have not sent in anyone for the exchange. This is really annoying.

  • I have been purchasing computer systems and other electronic devices from for a few years and they have never disappointed me. Newegg shipping is fast and I usually get my product shipped the next day. The products are good and till date I have not returned anything that I purchase them. Sometimes it is not easy to reach Newegg customer service phone number but the email support responses swiftly

  • I will never again buy from newegg again, the shipping is terrible. After reading the newegg reviews about customers claiming that the shipping is very fast and quick. I decided to make a phone purchase and it was the worst decision I have ever made. It’s been three months, I am still yet to receive my phone and the customer service stopped taking my calls but only replies via email. never buy from newegg

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