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Started in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg , WordPress is an elegant and well-architected personal publishing system that’s indisputably the best CMS platform till date. With over 45,000 plug-ins, customizable designs and powerful features, WordPress allows you to create out-of-the-box content, customize it, and share it with the rest of the world in numerous remarkable ways.

A simple step in the right direction

The open source software is not just priceless, but also free. WordPress has given more than 60 million developers, content creators, and website owners the prowess to build their brand and thrive on its online presence. The publishing system allows you to create beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly websites, blogs and apps that are clean, safe, and fully secure. It offers you limitless possibilities to create and share meaningful content, right from personal anecdotes to world-changing movements.

Dedicated help and support, 24X7

The company also offers comprehensive help and support to all its subscribers as well as future customers. You can call WordPress executives at their WordPress Customer Service Number +1 (844) 869-8462 to find out more about their available plans, features and add-on widgets. Their engineers are well versed with all aspects of WordPress and can guide you in building a perfect website for your brand. The company also offers priority live chat support to its subscribers.

An expert team to meet all your needs

WordPress Technical Support team can also help you optimize your website’s speed, performance, tighten up its security, setup data protection, and perform all other necessary steps to keep your website running round-the-clock. You can also avail WordPress support to install all the latest plug-ins, themes, and updates to make your website simple, powerful and effective.

You can also dial WordPress Contact Number +1 (844) 869-8462 and seek instant assistance from their engineers in case your website goes down or becomes unresponsive. With all the right tools and technology, their expert technicians can help you quickly spring your website back into action.

WordPress support service is not just top-notch, it’s the best you can ever get! So, call them today by dialing their toll free WordPress Customer Service Number +1 (844) 869-8462 and get instant solutions for all your technical problems.

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  • Joyce Broderson says:

    I need to update my credit card info and cannot get into site. I have reset username and pw twice from
    emails you sent me. it does not accept them.

  • Michael Loures says:

    My wife set up our site. She has tasked me with managing the site. The site won’t let me edit/save changes. How do I do that? Do I have to log in on her computer to edit amenities as an example?

    Also, isn’t it to our advantage to accept guests without a reciprocal exchange to accumulate points?

  • michael walton says:

    created this site with partner, have no idea how to pay, access my email or anything else that goes with domain name or email address. partner left after 6 months.

  • How do I obtain a plug in for a notifier skin plus how to install the skin?

  • I have been blogging on wordpress platform for last 10 years. It’s the best CMS available and it keeps getting better with each its version release. I don’t have any knowledge about coding or the working of software but over time I understood almost all aspects and features of wordpress on my own. I have multiple wordpress blog running on free platform, custom domains, and hosting servers. wordpress has brought me creative challenges, it’s got me some kind of recognition, and I am also making some money out of it. One more thing needs a mention; the wordpress customer service number is always available when I need help and the wordpress support rocks! The only objection that I have is related to the updates function. They do not tell the users about the changes and I have to discover them through trial and error or get in touch with the wordpress customer service.

  • There was an issue with my wordpress that I was unable to change the new visual skins or the theme templates. I got in touch with the wordpress support and all it needed was to remove all the cache. Such a simple thing but it just didn’t strike me. love the support though provided by the wordpress support service. very professional

  • Some features are difficult to use without getting in touch with the support, the WordPress support phone number. The analytics component is somewhat hard to understand. Moreover you have to be very careful with plug-ins that you use because they can be developed by anyone, many of them are bugged or cause harmful issues to the page or cause the page to crash.


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