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    I have tried activating my eppicard Indiana card several times but it was not getting activated. I called up the eppicard customer service and even they were of no help. I don’t know how to take the money out that is already in the card. eppicard Indiana really needs to fix this issue.

    Rating: 2
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    Every time I try to check the balance on my card at eppicard.com, the message says that my password has expired, and to reset my password. Every single time I have to reset my password to log in to my eppicard Indiana account. One time it came up that my account was lock and I have to reset my account, which I did. They accepted the account reset but did not accept my password, and were asked to set another password. I tried calling the eppicard Indiana customer service phone number but their phone lines are always busy and I am not able to reach them. This is very frustrating.

    Rating: 3
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    Eppicard Indiana is a waste of time and every weeks they are late by 4 to 5 days. And whenever I call ed up the Eppicard Indiana phone number there is never s live person to speak with

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    I live in the state of Iowa and I have been dealing with Eppicard Indiana for more than 4 years, till date I have never experience any problems with Eppicard Indiana. But the customer service of Eppicard Indiana is terrible. They never provide the correct information and are always in a hurry to disconnect the calls. They need to up their service.

    Rating: 3
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    It takes too much time to process payments with eppicard Indiana and I am getting tired of it. why can they do it instantly like every other company

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    I am facing issues with my eppicard login. This card rarely works and the Eppicard customer service is non existence

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