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  • Olin Hicks says:

    BB&T has a policy being enforced that does not allow personal banking at the night deposit. My understanding is this is being used only for commercial account activity.
    This presents a problem to me due to bank locations and work hours. I always paid off
    a VISA card monthly and dropped it in the night deposit. Occassionally, I would drop a deposit into night deposit. So much for customer service!
    Maybe we should all pile into bank and have personal interactions with tellers.
    Is this that big of an issue to BB&T?
    I bank with others and have not experienced this issue.
    Guess it’s time to go elsewhere.

  • Donna Frakes Douglas says:

    My parents did their banking with BB&T in Louisville,KY @ the branch on Brownsboro Rd near The Woods Of St. Thomas. When they passed away in Feb. & April of 2017, my trust fund checks started coming from that bank, so they’re making a LOT of money from the interest from the estate. I do not have a bank as the last one I had an account with allowed us to be hacked for 1/4 million dollars ergo, I have to drive 3 hrs. each way to cash my checks in Louisville. Before I drove down the first time I spoke with a very helpful woman who said they would waive the check cashing fee for me due to all of the considerations. Last week I went to Louisville to cash 5 months of my checks. The horrifically rude man who grudgingly waited on me refused to even check in with the woman who is in charge of the dept. that has the say in the matters of my checks & charged me $8.00 for each check I cashed. THEN the just plopped the pile of bills with my I.D. & the receipt on top without counting the money out to me, spun around and walked away. No envelope, no acknowledgement of my question as to why he didn’t count it out to me…NOTHING but his rudeness & his scrawny back. I AM going to look through all of my paperwork & find the womans’ name I spoke with & DEMAND my money that he took and an apology to beat all apologies!!! And if at all possible, I’m hoping to have that wretched, poor excuse for a human being fired. There is no BB&T bank anywhere in my state so I have no recourse but to take up my day driving there & back as if I have nothing better to do with my day. OH!!! And it also costs me over $8.00 to use that rip off bridge going & coming. I highly suggest that if you’re looking for a bank, don’t even consider BB&T. They’re cheats & highly unprofessional.

  • Susanne Maltby says:

    I have an account and then opened one for my son with the promise of a promotional $50/$50 reward. He would receive $50 for opening a new account; I would receive $50 as a bonus for referring him to BB&T. After over 100 days, I am still waiting for my $50. I’ve called several times, I’ve emailed. What a disappointment to know false advertising still prevails.

  • Christian says:

    After 14 years with BB&T I am finally closing my account with them. I have to call the bb&t customer service number seven to eight times over a period of 2 months chasing a gift card I redeemed for points. Never received it, each time I call the customer service I am advised that they will send it and will personally call me to confirm, which never happened. I even spoke with a supervisor and he assured me that he would sort this out and that was three weeks back and i still got nothing. Time for a bank company that wants my business.