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Bank of America listed as the second largest bank in terms of holding assets in United States is engaged in providing multinational financial and banking services to the customers. The company is providing various products to its different customers including retail and small companies and for providing services to companies in business banking and global commercial banking, it has established and created a BOA customer Service number through which details about these products and services can be easily accessed.

Pay and manage your taxes easily and safely

Electronic Tax service is an easy way for our customers to pay their taxation payments. The online portal of the company is compatible with all the internet browsers and requires no software and setup fees. The payment for federal, state and local taxes can be made and confirmations can be obtained through email, fax or conventional mails and any king of enquiry can be asked at our BOA toll-free number 1 315-724-4022.

Making the financial lives better while considering power of every connection

While running eight lines of businesses the focus of the company is to manage and navigate the financial lives of people while working with larger and smaller companies and the same people can be reached through Bank of America Phone Number. Covering the large extent of customer BOA toll-free number is the way to get access to your accounts and avail the faster automated services by communicating through Telephone Banking specialist. A nationwide network of skilled and trained banking services system has been established in which customers can reach the experts through Bank of America 1800 Helpline Number.

Responsible growth through customer focused strategy

Bank of America serves its customers and various clients in the country of United States while maintaining integrated business culture. In order to avail this Bank of America Phone Number can be an easy way to choose the automated service and talk to the banking specialist. The Bank is providing various customer real estate services while offering real estate products including fixed as well as adjusting rate mortgage loans for purchasing homes and adequately refinancing the fund requirements.

Within USA Contact Number

BOA Customer Service Phone Numbers
BOA Customer Service 800.432.1000
800.688.6086 (Spanish)
800.288.4408 (TTY/TDD)
Report a problem with ATM 844.401.8500
844.401.8500 (Spanish)
800.288.4408 (TTY/TDD)
auto loan 844.892.6002 (New customers)
800.215.6195 (Existing customers)
866.345.1248 (TTY/TDD)
CDs and IRAs 888.827.1812
800.288.4408 (TTY/TDD)
Checkings and Savings 800.432.1000
800.688.6086 (Spanish)
800.288.4408 (TTY/TDD)
Credit cards 800.732.9194
800.276.9939 (activation)
800.222.7365 (TTY/TDD)
insurance and protection 800.516.9561
800.718.6710 (existing account)
800.305.5109 (TTY/TDD)
investment and wealth management 1.800.637.7455
1.866.657.3323 (TTY/TDD)
mobile and text banking 800.432.1000 (mobile)
800.604.9961 (Text)
mortgage and home equity 800.669.6607
800.270.5746 (New mortgage)
800.779.3894 (New home equity)
Online Banking support 800.432.1000
privacy and security 800.432.1000 (lost/stolen debit card)
800.688.6086 (Spanish)
800.732.9194 (lost/stolen credit card)
800.669.6607 (Mortgage accounts)
800.934.5626 (Home equity)
800.432.1000 (Online Banking)
800.432.1000 (All other)
small business banking 866.543.2808
888.287.4637 (General)
866.758.5972 (Online Banking)
888.606.4545 (Online Payroll)
877.270.1242 (Remote Deposit)
800.430.7161 (Merchant)
specialize banking & additional services 800.432.1000 (Student banking)
800.344.8382 (Student lending)
800.334.1920 (Military banking)

International Contact Numbers

Bank Of America International Customer Service Phone Number
AUSTRALIA 61.3.9659.2222
CHINA 86.10.5835.8888
HONG KONG 852.3508.8888
INDIA 91.80.6600.6200
INDONESIA 62.21.2955.3700
JAPAN 81.3.6758.5000
MALAYSIA 60.3.2034.3844
PHILIPPINES 632.815.5000
SINGAPORE 65.6678.0000
SOUTH KOREA 82.2.788.1400
TAIWAN 886.2.8101.1288
THAILAND 66.2.305.2800
BELGIUM 32 2 401 87 42
32 2 401 87 41
GERMANY 49.69.5899.0
GREECE 30.210.741.5000
IRELAND 353.1.6196100
ISRAEL 972.3.607.2000
ITALY 39.02.655301
NETHERLANDS 31.20.5925.600
QATAR 974 4429 2563
RUSSIA 7.495.662.60.00
SAUDI ARABIA 966 11 299 3700
SOUTH AFRICA 27.21.305.5153
SPAIN 34.91.514.3000
SWEDEN 46.8.459.1280
SWITZERLAND 41.22.703.17.17
TURKEY 90.212.3199500
UAE 971.4.4258200
ARGENTINA 5411.4617.7600
BRAZIL 55.11.2188.4000
CHILE 56.2.24909500
COLOMBIA 571.601.3013
MEXICO 52.55.5201.3200

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  • And it says I don’t exist

  • I have social media @Meek_Rosebud on Instagram. That was why I here.

  • I had a better day.

  • Off line the pay delivered no reason.

  • Bank of America, ignorant and rude employees. It is one of the worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life. They have treated me with disrespect and poor excuses for the problems i am facing with my bank account. I will be closing my bank account with them

  • Henrietta Crosland says:

    I am having trouble linking my bank it is saying that is activated and I paid for the service but I cant see any of my bank transfers? how do I get them to talk to each other?

  • matthew cirino says:

    Excellent as always bank of america. I had a suspicious fraud activity on my account and immediately contact the customer service to report about this issue. And they block and stopped all activity from my account and for my future safety, blocked all non-US transfers from my account

  • The banking services are great when you visit the local branch of bank of america, instant access to a representative who is very friendly and helpful but the customer service over the phone are very slow and takes a lot of time to answer if we ask for any info

  • I opened a credit card with bank of america and after 6 months i had a fraud on my account. . the customer service did nothing much to help me with this. I spend hours on the phone for two days but they could not catch the frauder and nothing could be done

  • One of the best customer service. I contact the boa customer service to link my account with my daughter and my son account and everything was done in a matter a few minutes. I needed to close my other account because the local branch was too far from my current address and they did that too.. Very efficient