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Owning a car can be a dream for many. Cars are undoubtedly a proud possession and hence it is necessary that they be immaculate and perfectly functional throughout their usability. Any machine in constant use is prone to degenerate over a period of time. Cars, like any other machine, are made up of sub-parts and pieces that may get damaged due to wear and tear. 

Therefore, the need to repair them comes up after a few years of purchase. Generally, these dysfunctional are not covered by the warranty accompanying the purchase or the vehicle insurance policy. But worry not! Direct Buy auto warranty offers to cover it for you.

Direct Buy Extended Auto Warranty 

While procuring a new car, it is standard to obtain a factory warranty, which covers any damage or repair to the car due to faulty parts or accidental impairment for a certain period of time post the purchase. Beyond the stipulated time, the repair costs must be paid by the owner. On the other hand, vehicle insurances cover damage due to major accidents, vandalization, or theft. However, it does not own up for the repairs due to mechanical failure or simply due to continuous use. 

That is where the extended auto warranty saves the day. It protects the drivers from cost due to repairs caused by continual operation or defects in material and workmanship beyond the standard factory warranty period.

Direct Buy Auto warranty offers various policies depending upon the coverage you seek. With comprehensive extended auto warranty plans and services, Direct Buy helps customers choose the best policy option, compliant to their needs and budget. From the most basic to full-scale coverage, Direct Buy has endless options and services for every customer and every car. As with most after-market warranties, Direct Buy runs a series of diagnostics depending upon the condition of your car to suggest the ideal and plausible warranty scheme.

Direct Buy auto warranty provides exceptional customer support, by assisting in the selection of the most-suited policy, resolving queries, offers, discounts, and roadside servicing. Direct Buy auto warranty contact hosts a 24-hour helpline center and an average claim response of 2.5 hours. 

Direct Buy auto warranty phone number +1-866-504-0961, for any information, query or complaint.

Known for its flawless service, Direct Buy is the answer for keeping your car protected till its running time. The aim of Direct Buy extended auto warranty is to provide customers with easy and convenient plans to ensure monetary security in case of the impending breakdown of the vehicle. By covering the leftovers of an insurance policy, and supporting extra components, auto warranty, also called a service contract or maintenance agreement, work in the best interests of the customer.  

Direct Buy Auto Warranty Reviews

Video Credit: DirectBuyWarranty – Official Youtube Channel

Company Reviews clearly state the proficiency of the company in the task and also establish the undeniable worth of policies and services offered. 

In conclusion, it is highly recommended to invest in a Direct Buy extended auto warranty upon purchasing a new car, to enjoy the benefits of possessing a car that costs close to nil for all future repairs and services.

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