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With the rise in demand for luxury cars, the demand for emergency repairs has also increased phenomenally. To avoid incurring losses due to unexpected emergency repair, it is wise to plan well in advance. AUL Corp  offers a wealth of vehicle contracts including a variety of terms and coverage levels.

Why choose Aul Warranty Plans?

AUL Corp holds a vehicle service agreement for all the members. They allow a mixture of courses, coverage levels and policies. It also offers the members with the only Any Year-Any Mileage vehicle service contract. You simply need to select an AUL service contract that will go best with your vehicle and pocket.

Best AUL Corp Warranty offered plans

The AUL Auto Warranty offers various plans for the members that will suit their budget. Some people wish to buy a plan that will not burn a hole in their pocket yet provide them the warranty of services for their car at a low cost.

On the other hand, there are people that own a car that has all kinds of features and yet they require a warranty for a specific part. Thus, AUL Warranty Plans are for anyone and everyone. The AUL Warranty Prices makes sure that you are confident that you will not have to cut your arm to face a full repair of the vehicle you drive.

Stays ahead of the pack

There are many competitors in this industry but what keeps AUL Warranty ahead of the pack is its ability to find a solution even in extreme situations. Most of all the members that have chosen AUL Warranty Plans will get claims to avoid any kind of issues. The repair services and the dealers execute the process on the first priority to maintain long term relationships with the clients and make sure that they do not delay the service so that they get back on their driving seats as soon as possible.

AUL Corp User-friendly Warranty services

The members of AUL Warranty Plans get the facility of their covered vehicle getting service as per the service and maintenance calendered in the manual of the owner by the manufacturer. The members will have the facility to schedule the service of the vehicles according to their availability or as per the manufacturer’s or company’s guidelines.

AUL Corp Planned and recorded Warranty services

The members of the AUL Extended Warranty Estate Coverage will not have to worry about recording the services they are taking as the AUL Warranty agents will be doing it for them to maintain a proper record and avoid confusion. They will record the date of the service, time of the service, mileage of the car, service provided and more.

AUL Corp Warranty Doorstep facility

Once the member has availed the AUL Warranty Plans the agents will keep in touch with them and give reminders of the upcoming and due services. If the member is unable to bring the vehicle for the service they will come to the doorstep of the member and pick the car for the servicing. You will get the reminder call from the Aul Warranty Number.

Highlights of the AUL Warranty Plans

Some basic highlights for the members that choose the AUL Warranty Plans are mentioned below:

  • The members will get coverage for up to 84 months (7 years ) for automobiles, vans, and light trucks.
  • The members will get coverage of up to 125% or even up to 150% in some cases of the MSRP/NADA value for automobiles, vans, and light trucks.
  • The facility of the online claim portal makes it way easier to simply sign up for the updates of the status, open a new claim.
  • An online claim’s portal that makes it easy to open new claims and promotes more active execution of possible claim privileges.
  • The members of AUL Warranty Plans are backed by an A.M. Best A-Rated carrier.

Additional features and facilities of AUL Warranty Plans

  • Roadside emergency

The members can simply sign & drive anywhere and anytime without having to worry about the tire changes (with the inflated spare) jumpstarts, towing, lockout assistance, vehicle fluid delivery, concierge service as the agents will deliver service nationwide throughout the year 24 x7. You may call on the Aul Warranty Number to get assistance.

  • Key replacement 

The members of the AUL Auto Warranty will enjoy the benefit of key replacement as it replaces a lost key, stolen key and a destroyed key or key FOB. The members will get up to $800 as benefits along with the embedded computer chips. Please note that these benefits include programming fees as well. 

  • Scratch repair facility

Once you have signed for the AUL Auto Warranty Plans you will not have to compromise with the scratches of your vehicle. 

  • Front Windshield repair

This benefit of AUL Auto Warranty Plans grants for the renovation of chips and fractures created by tiny rocks or road potholes. This also includes pressure breaks or cracks produced by excessive heats,  road hazards, potholes, or potholes. All this sums up to $500 in benefits for the members signed up for the plans.

  • Vehicle theft protection

The members of the AUL Warranty Plans help in reimbursement of the car rent up to $500 and even up to $5,000 for the acquisition or less.

  • Advanced detail protection

We all understand that the appearance of the vehicles matters a lot that counts the finely painted body of the car, the fabric of the seats, leather of the seats. The vinyl along with the alloy and chrome wheels of the car also counts in. You must review the policy that you have signed to know all the complete terms and conditions.

  • Pre-paid Maintenance/Vehicle Maintenance Package

The customizable pre-paid preservation plans holding oil & filter changes along with the tire rotations.

  • Paintless Dent Repair

The members that have signed for AUL Warranty plans will get the renovation of all tiny scratches and dents on the outermost vertical, paint-coated sheet alloy body panels. This sums up to a benefit of $500 along with the sign & drive roadside included and no deductibles.

Wondering how to obtain AUL Extended Warranty Claims?

The members do not need to worry about the procedure to get the AUL Warranty Claims as it is very simple and they can execute the process in a jiffy. 

  • To begin with, take immediate action in order to prevent further damage and expense. 
  • Now return your covered vehicle to the selling dealer.
  • But if you are looking for an emergency repair you must dial Aul Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number, +1-866-504-0961 to have a word with the administrator and get further instructions. 
  • After performing the aforementioned steps, a day claim payment will be done.

In case you are looking for more details on the AUL Warranty Plans then please visit the official website for the same or call at the Aul Extended Warranty Phone Number and get in touch with the professionals to choose the best suitable plan according to the car you own or the budget you have.

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How are payments made to repair facility?

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Allan P
Allan P
5 years ago

i want to extend my warranty but no one is picking up my calls. please advice

5 years ago

They make so many excuses to avoid full reimbursement. not happy with the service

5 years ago

i need to apply for a claim from AUL corp but i do not know from where i can do it? i have sent a mail via the contact us page on AUL but i have not received any callbacks or reply from their end

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