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America Auto Care is committed to offering the strongest deals for vehicle service with the right quality and without exceeding the consumer budget. The company is renowned for its wide range of custom-tailored reliable coverage schemes. With better innovative techniques, America Auto Care offers better safety and convenience to your vehicles. Each company coverage scheme is designed to offer an extreme layer of safety without burning consumer’s wallets.

Why is America Auto Care the best companion for your vehicles?

  1. With dedicated employees, America Auto Care is providing a premium level of vehicle coverage at an affordable price.
  2. All the coverage plans are applicable within the boundary of the United States and Canada.
  3. Whenever a consumer needs assistance, they will get the service through professional technicians.
  4. All the services are accessible 24/7. 
  5. The claim process is transparent. All the details will be shared with the consumer.
  6. Less paperwork.
  7. America Auto Care Extended Warranty plans offer coverage on both used and new vehicles. 8- The claiming compensation is easy and the claim value will be processed by the claim adjuster with two to three days from the day of request.

A lot of people are not aware of how vehicle service contracts (VSCs) work. In case, you are one of them then read the following guide to know all the benefits of having an America Auto Care Extended Warranty plan.

The America Auto Care extended warranty has been designed to protect your car and wallet from expensive repair and maintenance costs. This warranty plan offers coverage on Motorcycles, ATV, car, and other various types of vehicles. For more information dial auto care phone number +1-866-504-0961 and get to know about the variety of benefits offered under the America Auto Care Extended Warranty plan.

The America Auto Care Extended Warranty plan is offered in four segments.

  1. Exclusionary plan: In this plan, America Auto care offers coverage on all components of engines and transmission. This plan will help you to get security on your engines after the expiration of the factory warranty.
  2. Stated Coverage:- In the Stated Coverage plan, the company offers coverage AC heating components with covering engines and transmission parts of your vehicles. 
  3. Enhanced Coverage:- In the Enhanced Coverage schemes, America Auto Care will provide the same coverage as Exclusionary plan and Stated coverage plan but with increasing the benefits. This coverage plan is best for the old model vehicles.  
  4. Basic Coverage:- When a consumer does not wish to spend more on a Vehicle Contract then they can go for a Basic Coverage plan. In this plan online engine, drive axles, and transmission components are covered.

Steps to get the America Auto Care Warranty coverage plan

  1. Visit the official site and click on the “Get Free Quote” tab.
  2. Fill the required field with contact details and describe the current status of your vehicles.
  3. Enter the locality details by mentioning the zip code and street name.
  4. All the details must be accurate and you will need to mention your employment details too.
  5. Click on the submit tab. A new page will be opened with a variety of America Auto Care Warranty plans.
  6. Make the selection as per your budget and the current status of the car.
  7. Visit on the contact us tab, note down the auto care phone number +1-866-504-0961.
  8. Contact the agent and schedule a visit.
  9. The agent will arrive at your location, he will evaluate the condition of the car and authenticate your request.
  10. Pay the premium fee and click on submit. The company will send you all details of VSA on your email ID.

Significance of an America Auto Care Extended Warranty 

The America Auto Care Extended Warranty offers protection on the components of your vehicle against the accident and damage. The company through its inexpensive protection plan helps you to keep your vehicle protected on the road without hurting your savings value. The plans offer a number of benefits which help you to get peace of mind. America Auto Care is a Consumer Affairs accredited company and it is the first choice of customers for auto care in the United States and all over Canada.

Cost of America Auto Care Extended Warranty 

The plans also check whether the vehicles are eligible to get entitled to a coverage plan by reviewing the production year, type of vehicle, distance covered, current status, and many more. After evaluating all the criteria the company offers you a wide range of coverage schemes to choose from. The premium of America Auto Care Extended Warranty is economical and will not increase the burden on your pocket. In case you still have a concern then dial auto care phone number +1-866-504-0961 to evaluate your suitability.

Areas shielded with America Auto Care Warranty Customer Service for support

Take your car to an authorized company service center as per your choice. The only condition is that the repair center must not exceed the geographical boundary of the United States and Canada. The America Auto Care Extended Warranty provides a towing facility and offers full reimburse of repair bills on insured cars. For a comprehensive summary of the procedure, please contact the claim adjuster team. In case of emergency direct contact with the customer service agent for better and instant assistance.

Repair centers

You can bring the vehicle to any ASE accredited repair center. ASE calls for Automotive Products Quality. Nonetheless, it is best that you send your car to a company that specializes in operating on your particular vehicle. Until you have some work completed, please call the claims manager on your insurance card and they will help you pick the right service facilities. The America Auto Care repair center is available in Stuart Fl.

The process to file a claim as per the America Auto Care Warranty 

In case your car breaks down, you are advised to bring it to the authorized service center. You will need to present the replica of the service agreement with contact details. Always keep a copy with you for better assistance at the repair center. You can contact America Auto Care client support and the company will be delighted to assist you with the proper claims system. Attach the repair and maintenance bill for quick evaluation. The claim adjuster will evaluate your compensation value and will match the extracted value with the rules mentioned in America Auto Care Warranty.

Refund policy

You have the option of a full refund during the first 30 days. Within 30 days and if the contract has not been used, reimbursement may be made on a prorated basis, based on the conditions of the car support agreement. Please contact America Auto Care Warranty for any cancelation and/or reimbursement queries.

All you need to know about the contract transfers

In certain cases, vehicle management arrangements are transferable. This adds value to the sale of your car. If you have concerns about this, then you can contact America Auto Care Warranty Customer Support or refer to the limits and requirements of your agreement

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Liam Brennan
5 years ago

This company continues to robocall my BUSINESS CELL PHONE NUMBER about every three days on average, which is on the do not call list, despite the fact that I’ve told their reps at least five times that I do not want to be contacted. Their robocalls leave no automated option to be taken off their call list, so I have to pretend to be interested in their scam in order to even reach someone to actually request to be taken off the list. I am also filing a complaint with the FTC today. I doubt this one complaint will cause this terrible nuisance company to change its ways, but something MUST be done to combat these illegal (violation of the do-not-call act) business practices. Terrible!

jimmy bishop
5 years ago

I reached out to America Auto Care because my warranty just ran out. They did a good job of explaining everything to me and really took the time to go through what policies were available for my 2010 Altima. When I got my policy I had some questions about a couple things and their Customer Service department really made me feel good about my decision. If your looking for a policy then I would recommend them to you!

5 years ago

I got a call from American auto care customer service offering some auto plans. The customer service from American auto care did a pretty good job and convinced me in signing up with them. It is all good so far and they did a very good job in explaining almost everything over the call and updates to my email.

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