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  • I am not happy with my deal I am trying to get in contact with them to cancel my warranty cause I already have a good one but the number they gave me I can never get a hold of any one and I would like my money back and to cancel my warranty so if someone could please let me know how I can get this fixed asap I need this fixed

  • Liam Brennan says:

    This company continues to robocall my BUSINESS CELL PHONE NUMBER about every three days on average, which is on the do not call list, despite the fact that I’ve told their reps at least five times that I do not want to be contacted. Their robocalls leave no automated option to be taken off their call list, so I have to pretend to be interested in their scam in order to even reach someone to actually request to be taken off the list. I am also filing a complaint with the FTC today. I doubt this one complaint will cause this terrible nuisance company to change its ways, but something MUST be done to combat these illegal (violation of the do-not-call act) business practices. Terrible!

  • jimmy bishop says:

    I reached out to America Auto Care because my warranty just ran out. They did a good job of explaining everything to me and really took the time to go through what policies were available for my 2010 Altima. When I got my policy I had some questions about a couple things and their Customer Service department really made me feel good about my decision. If your looking for a policy then I would recommend them to you!

  • I got a call from American auto care customer service offering some auto plans. The customer service from American auto care did a pretty good job and convinced me in signing up with them. It is all good so far and they did a very good job in explaining almost everything over the call and updates to my email.

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