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It is for certain that many of us must have heard of the term, automobile extended warranty. So what does it mean exactly? In simple layman terms, it is like an insurance for car repairs or free car repair. Well, automobile warranty is like a warranty upon a new vehicle that clearly claims to pay for all the charges in case of any potential damage to the components and parts of the concerned vehicle.

Nowadays, every person wants an extended warranty for their vehicle. AA auto protection is an automobile contract service provider that helps the customers to get the best deal and the best available return for their vehicle. AA auto warranty and AA extended car warranty are completely backed up and insure contracts that are of reasonable expectations for the customers. The main goal is to protect each and every customer’s budget and to give them the best deal and services possible via high-quality contract options. 

What types of coverage plans are provided?

There are numerous different types of coverage plans under AA auto protection that have been listed below.

  • Full coverage plans include all the required information on insurance coverage. Normally this plan includes and lists all those parts and components that are not covered in the policy of the vehicle and comes under an exclusive policy which is a separate one.
  • Premium stated component coverage plans covers the sort and category of vehicles that do not qualify for the full coverage policy plan. This policy specifically covers and lists all the components and parts that are covered under the service and warranty extended the contract for the policy. The non-mentioned parts are not covered at all. 
  • Premium stated component coverage plans to list and includes all the components and parts that are covered under auto extended service warranty policy or contract. The parts that are not listed, are not covered.
  • Premium powertrain plus coverage plans cover the major and high expense required components which the vehicle needs and that may include engine, transmission, etc.

How to contact AA auto protection?

AA extended warranty contact number is +1-866-504-0961.

Customers can also reach the officials by dialing +1-888-222-945. The company believes in providing the best services to the customers in order to attain customer satisfaction. AA auto protection reviews must be analyzed by potential customers before buying any of the coverage plans. This will help the people to choose the best and the most affordable plan for their vehicle. AA car warranty phone number is always active 24 x 7 for users to talk to the representatives anytime during the day.Online chat option is also available which is very easy to use and allows the customers or visitors to address their issues to the representatives directly. Live solutions are provided to the clients. Anytime a customer or visitor can email AA car warranty UK for any potential issue, review or any other kind of support they require. The firm tries its best to respond as soon as and as quickly as possible to all the customer queries.

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Fuck you
3 years ago

Complete scam. Tired of the phone calls.

5 years ago

My experience with aa auto protection was great. From calling the aa phone number, talking with the customer service representatives to the service department, it was one of the easiest and and best experience. I will definitely recommend aa auto protection

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