Quick Heal Customer Service – It Can Heal Your System Very Effectively

Quick Heal is quite interesting software. Some of the features are really good. When you have inserted a pen drive that contains virus, then the software stops you from opening the affected file. It then heals the files and then allows you to open it. You will want to know that the interface is user-friendly and easy.

Tech support and their features offered

This helps you install and operate it without hassle. The Quick Heal Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. Some of you might be disappointed with their support staff. They are professional, but tend to provide solutions a bit late than the average companies. In this kind of competitive area, you need immediate answers.

There is no time to waste. Some of you might feel left out here. The Quick Heal Tech Support provides a total of 3 support channels. You have email support, FAQ’s, and phone support. You can find the same on most of the anti-virus software products. It is good to have phone support as you can communicate immediately in situations where you need a quick solution.

Email support is usually not very good as they take time. You cannot blame the firm for that as Internet connectively is always not the same everywhere. At times, your emails take time from your end. However, when you have more options to communicate with them, you can always ensure that you get your issues solved rapidly.

Having your problem healed in quick time is the best solution. You will want to know that for annual fee of $30, you get protected for 12 months. This is 25% more than the usual antivirus software. You will want to really think about that before signing up. However, you will want to know that some of the features in the software are worth considering because they protect your computer system from dangerous malware.

Solo Support Link –  http://www.quickheal.co.in/quick-heal-support-center
Company Website – http://www.quickheal.co.in/

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