Norton Customer Service – Are They the Best?

Norton was considered as the best antivirus several years and continues to be pretty effective today. However, the competition seems to have taken the better of it and they seem just to struggle a bit. The good thing about this program is that, it is reliable. Otherwise they could not have remained for so long in the market.

Features of the software

The Norton Security Deluxe includes all-in-one security which contains the antimalware and antispyware capabilities. The program also contains anti spam, anti phishing, and a password manager, a secure online vault. When you have all these features in a single product, you know that you have a winner. The program also enables you to maintain your privacy and protect from unsafe websites and downloads.

The software can be installed and uninstalled quickly. You can complete few tasks in five minutes which is acceptable. You will want to know that it is quicker than other antivirus software. You need to only make sure that you restart you computer when you want to uninstall. You do not have to be interrupted when installing.

Customer & tech service

With a single license you can protect three computer systems. The Norton Customer Service is 24/7 which means you can communicate with them through telephone or online chat. The staffs are very good and knowledgeable in their field. You can get your queries solved within a short time. The main benefit of the Norton Tech Support is that the Norton Security Deluxe provides additional features which you cannot find out in other software.

You might want to know that the software sometimes identifies proper files as bad. When this happens good data gets deleted. This is something which the firm has to work on to make sure that the good files are not deleted. It is safe to say that the program has the best protection and comes with several security features which makes it rank among the best.

But, they will have to come up with reliable features to meet up with the competition. You can be assured that with the vast experience the firm has, they are bound to come back very strongly.

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    I have been a Norton Antivirus subscriber for several years and I have never encountered any problems with security issues. It is user friendly and constantly updates itself to keep my computer protected from everything. I especially like the fact that Norton Antivirus software reminds you when you are due for an upgrade and they make it very friendly and easy to install. All in all it’s just a great product with great customer service support at an affordable price.

    Rating: 5