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Microsoft Security Essentials is a free to download antivirus software from Microsoft that offers real time protection from most computer malware, including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware. The antivirus software is simple to install, easy to use, and trumps even the most popular, expensive antivirus options available.

Microsoft Security Essentials has a user friendly interface and runs on the latest computer protection technology. The software runs quietly in the background, allowing you to seamlessly access your computer without any interruptions. Microsoft Security Essentials includes a use on-demand scanner for manual malware checks.

The software can be downloaded on Windows 7 and Windows Vista; however, Windows XP is not supported. Call Microsoft Security Essentials customer service number for more information on minimum system requirements and supported operating systems and browsers.

Why get Microsoft Security Essentials? 

Microsoft Security Essentials offers world-class security to your PC without hampering the performance of your system. Download Microsoft Security Essentials to enjoy:

Real-time threat protection

The antivirus software instantly notifies you when malicious software attempts to invade or install on your PC and blocks it for superior protection.

Comprehensive system scanning capabilities

Microsoft Security Essentials offers both scheduled and on-demand scanning options to provide extra level of confidence. You can choose between quick scan, full scan and custom scan and schedule a scan as per your time.

Superior system cleaning

Microsoft Security Essentials offers superior system cleaning for complete peace of mind. It ensures that all traces of malware have been removed to undermine the possibility of infection.

Windows Firewall integration

An active firewall is a part of Microsoft Security Essentials. This ensures complete protection from even the nastiest infection.

Protection against phishy software

Microsoft Security Essentials helps block bad software, thus turning down the possibility of all kinds of infections.

24X7 Support

You can avail comprehensive support for the antivirus software by dialing Microsoft Security Essentials customer service number . Expert and certified technicians at Microsoft can help you download, install, reinstall, or upgrade to Microsoft Security Essentials for best computer protection.

Want to know more?

Dial Microsoft Security Essentials helpline number + to get in touch with expert technicians and get complete information about the product. Available 24X7, 365 days a year, they can also help you quickly install the software as well as resolve all issues and error messages that might be hampering the performance of your software for a hassle-free computing experience.

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