There are number of free antivirus software available on the internet. One of the most downloaded software through internet is Avira Antivirus. This is a free, personal antivirus which is equipped with amazing features that includes robust features too. This antivirus is reliable as well as user friendly to operate and hence offers comprehensive free antivirus solution to the user using it.

This antivirus is specially designed for personal computer users who tend to download and store music, games, and videos rather than documents and other records from the internet. In order to fulfill the varying requirements of the PC user’s the antivirus software offers awesome features including avira customer service that help you to secure your system from virus thread, efficiently.

The key features of avira antivirus software

  1. Anti dialer protection against viruses, trojans and worms

The avira antivirus installed in a system will rapidly scan the system as you login to the system. The software will screen the entire system and sends you notification messages in cases of any virus attack is found. The system offers many innovative actions to search and destroy the malware detected in the system.

  1. Anti root kit protection against hidden root kits

Root kit is a software platform which has been installed by system hackers who tend to obtain your system’s root level access. This software helps the hacker to mask the ongoing intrusion that takes place in your system, by hiding its presence from administrators and thus forms an obstacle for normal authentication and authorization procedures.

This type of malfunctions is difficult to detect and remove from the system. But the avira antivirus will be able to scan such type of malwares and remove them from the system completely.

How avira antivirus customer support services work?

Avira tech support offers well trained specialist who provides on-demand and third party technical support for Avira security products. The software users can readily call to the customer service center, in case of any issue with the avira products during installation or usage. Some of the other services offered are

  • Avira security products – setup and installation services
  • free or paid Avira products activation services
  • Antivirus solutions against personal computer malfunctions
  • Avira security products offer services like repair, un-installation, and reinstallation services.

Thus, the avira antivirus is reliable software to provide security to your personal system.