AVG antivirus has been designed by AVG Technologies which was formed in the year 1991. The firm has several offices in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. One of the features of the antivirus is that it can detect viruses by matching with database of similar threats. The product is very good at detecting malware and removing them from your system.

However, you will find it less efficient when performing scans and malware in system scan. You will want to know that the software does not let you open infected files. If the software detects malware, then it lets out an alert. On pressing it, the problem gets corrected. Unless your system idles, the rest of the scans are performed.

Identity protection is a very important feature which is missing on many products. They can cause serious issues to financial firms. When you want a product to detect harmful behavior patterns, then you can rely on this product. The product does not take too much time in scanning, but if you have used more space, then it will take some time.

Customer support and tech

When you have issues with your system because of the product, you can immediately contact their AVG Customer Service staffs who are very professional. They provide you with solutions accurately.  You can contact them through phone and email. They do not take too much time to respond to your questions. However, you will have to use the premium option.

Otherwise, you can use the user manual and FAQ section. The AVG Tech Support is also very useful. They help you solve problems as quickly as possible. The software does a good job in keeping your system safe from adware and other harmful virus.

When you want a good antivirus product to help protect your system, then AVG it is.

Customer Care Link – https://support.avg.com/
Company Website – http://www.avg.com/

About AVG Customer Support Number – The customer support team for AVG antivirus is available 24X7. The customer care team is quite helping and sweet enough to take you through the problem resolution process and give you guaranteed solution to the problem.