Avast free antivirus is a software platform which is more popular among the computer users and is available on the internet for free download. This software has been developed by the most-trusted security provider, Avast who is a well established antivirus solution provider. It is one of the most efficient and comprehensive antivirus solution program which helps to secure the system from malware and other unwanted threads.

This software is highly beneficial to personal computer users and hence it is widely used by 230-million users and other businesses in 186 countries. It offers number of services to help you protect your system from virus and other threads. Avast software also provides world-class mobile security and utilities products along with avast customer service to enterprises and home users.

Beneficial services provided by avast antivirus

  • The software offers browser cleanup services which help you to clear the mystery toolbars, add-ons, and other extensions which were wrongly installed without your permission.
  • The system gets completely scanned as you switch on the system. This is possible due to smart scan service which is an ultimate time-saver wherein you only need to click the scan option.
  • This software helps to protect your home network security. This is where the hackers try to undertake your system authentication which enables them to intrude your system functions.
  • One of the most advantageous aspects of using avast antivirus that it detects all kinds of threats, viruses, spyware, ransom ware, and other phishing attacks.
  • Sandbox is an advanced feature present in this antivirus software. This feature enables the user to download files from unsafe shady server without causing any trouble to your computer.
  • This software helps you to protect many passwords wherein you only need to remember one.

Avast antivirus customer service and support

Avast tech support offers number of services to their customers and below are few most demanded services provided by avast antivirus software. You may also make use of the tech support phone number +1-866-593-4777 to register you complaints and get advice on issues including software installation and setup, expert guidance to activate the installed program, scanning the computer to remove the malware detected, repair and other issues related to program up-gradation.

So, install your avast antivirus now and start downloading your favorites!