Virgin America Phone Number

Virgin America Airlines Customer Service

Having a dedicated customer service number ensures quick redressal. They can be reached on +1-877-209-1629. This number is available 24*7. Some sample queries are:-

  • Inability to make a booking
  • Confusion as to cost
  • If you need more information
  • If you need medical assistance
  • If you are travelling with a toddler.
  • If you have a suggestion

Virgin America Complaint Number

Apart from customer service number Virgin America also operates a complaint number. This number is also available 24 hours. Some sample complaints are:-

  • Food quality was not good
  • Rude Staff
  • Your booking was cancelled
  • The charges levied on you were incorrect
  • Your luggage was lost
  • Your pet was hurt

This line is for complaints only.

Virgin America Helpline Number

The company also has a dedicated technical number. They can be reached at +1-877-209-1629. This line is open 24 hours a day.

  • If you are not able to cancel or book tickets
  • Your id is not working
  • The website or app is not responsive
  • You are unable to view history of your travel
  • You are unable to redeem your reward points

This number is for technical assistance only.

About Virgin America Airlines

Virgin America is one of the biggest airlines in North America. The company has operations in multiple countries but is headquartered in USA. They operate flights to far off places like New Zealand and the Middle East. As the company has foot print across continents they also need a very efficient customer service system and Virgin America does not disappoint in this department. The company manages all its customers through a very responsive team.

As mentioned earlier, with such huge business the responsibility to customers also increase manifold. The company operates multiple telephone lines to help out its customers. This strategy ensures a quick and thorough redressal system. Multiple help lines also ensure quick service. Lets take a look out at all the help line numbers provided by Virgin America. As the company is a fully merged entity of Alaska Airline, they also support Virgin America.

Virgin America Reservation Number and booking procedure:

To book a ticket please dial +1-877-209-1629. The wait time for this number is very less as it is manned by multiple agents and it is also available throughout the year.

To book a ticket follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • To book a ticket please log on to
  • On the website you have to choose between Virgin Australia and Virgin International service.
  • On the subsequent page, you can redeem miles, browse offers and can get information about the various destinations serviced by the airline.
  • Now mention the details about your trip and make payment.
  • After you have received the details about your trip, cross-check and confirm.

Virgin America Cancellation Number and Procedure

To cancel your ticket and get a refund please call +1-877-209-1629. Experienced and trained professionals provided by the company will help you cancel your ticket.

To cancel your ticket follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Dial the toll free number or log on to the official website.
  • Go to the cancellation page.
  • Select Mytrips.
  • Choose the flight that you want to get cancelled.
  • Provide reason for cancellation.
  • If you are cancelling before 24hours of scheduled boarding you are entitled to a 50% refund.

Please note that any cancellations done after the time limit will not be entertained.

Virgin America Excess Baggage Rates and Phone Number

To get more information about the excess baggage rate please dial +1-877-209-1629. This line is available 24*7 and is also available even during holidays. Key points about the baggage charges and duties are:-

  • Virgin America provides some free baggage like a single carry on.
  • A personal item is also free.
  • Virgin America levies a fee of $25 per bag after the first two bags
  • If you are carrying extra bags then a fee of $50 will be charged for every peice of extra luggage.
  • Extra bags exceeding more than 46kgs will not be accepted as hold luggage.
  • If you are a military personnel then you can also avail additional discount.

Virgin America Social Media accounts

Virgin America is also available on all social media. Their Instagram presense is especially good.


With more than 1.8 million likes the company has a very strong presence on Instagram. The airlines posts pictures of its crew and also of its fleet. This sort of interaction certainly helps with the customers and everyone else. To know you can follow them


Their Facebook page is similar in popularity and has a number of likes. The added advantage is that of having connections with their customers. The posts are both funny and informative. They company has lots of information about their services as well. Summing up, you can see what makes American Airlines one of the industry leaders in their industry. The number of help lines help in customer redressal. The attention is to detail is also excellent. They truly are industry leaders.

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Virgin America Airlines Economy Class Reviews

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  • Franco Smith says:

    Grateful information about Virgin America Airlines for travelers. So very-very thanks to you for sharing information regarding Airlines.

  • George Sang says:

    I have called your phone number 3 times, I am not a rude person nor was I rude. On all three calls I could not even get started and your agents hung up. I’m looking to book a flight for my business round trip Chicago Hong Kong in early December. I wanted to learn about premium economy, mileage partners and premium economy flex. apparently your phone desk will not allow me to ask these questions. No explanation just hang ups.

  • I always prefer to travel with virgin america as the flight is always on time, smooth boarding, good staffing and excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend for short distance travellers

  • I actually called the virgin america phone number to cancel my booking as it has been three days and i didnt receive any confirmation email or my tickets. However after speaking with the customer service agent, they gave a good discount for my next travel and i ended up not canceling. Good customer service. They were very professional but the confirmation mail takes too much time to receive and it is not my first time that i have experience that.

  • A very decent and nice airlines, not much to say about it. Just check everything well and call the virgin airlines phone number before booking. Prices have risen a little lately

  • This is the second time i have flown with virgin america and it is great that you are able to check in 48 hours before the flight time. The virgin america customer service is excellent, the seats are comfortable and there is a lot of legroom.

  • I chose Virgin America airlines since it had the most suitable flight schedule from San Jose to Los Angeles for me. The online booking was not user friendly so I booked my tickets calling Virgin America airlines phone number. The plane had small cabins and had enough space for flying from San Jose to Los Angeles. There was nothing offered onboard and you had to pay extra for a drink or a small snack. Overall it was a good experience for what I paid for. I will try this airline again the next time I fly back.

  • Everything is good about them. I had a very comfortable flight journey. The staffs of virgin America airlines were very friendly and quick with the services. It was one of the best 9 hours flight journey. I am pretty sure I will be calling virgin america phone number the next time I am ready to travel again. I would highly recommend virgin america airlines to anyone

  • Yacon Root says:

    Fantastic Site. Very much enjoyed reading.

  • Yacon Root says:

    Great Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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