Shenzhen Airlines Phone Number

Shenzhen Airlines Phone Number

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  • Hello there,On the 10/04/2019. I was flight from London to Phnom Penh, I was excited to go on a new airline I never been on before but it was hell. The connection was shi**ted. 3hours of Delay then going the 4 hours we see on the screen that our flight was cancel Till 7am till the next morning! In till then they never Communication happening With the airline staffs and European customers. Even the Chinese customer they don’t even know what’s going on !! We never been offered foods or drinks, leaving us don’t know what going on and I can’t tell my family what happen or the time they will pick me up?? As I have to be in Cambodia in the 11/04/2019. At 10:30pm but instead I got there on 12/04/2019 10:30am. I was exhausted hungry and tired and I was flight to see my sick mum in Cambodia! Now I have return flight and I don’t feel you have treating me right for me to go on return flight tickets with you. I would like my refund so that I can buy other tickets. I don’t feel you have the right staffs for the jobs. Am very sad and disappointed with your airline and the Shenzhen airport! If you have Connecting flight you have to get a Visa to go out and return back to get your connection flight which is ridiculous time and consuming, if you have a long travelling flight! I hope you could help me.Am looking forward to hear from you. You’re fully sincere Sreymom. Rating: 1

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