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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish based airline that operates low-cost flights. The air-carrier has its headquartered in Pendik, Istanbul with bases in various Turkish airports. Pegasus Airlines came into being in 1989 when two businesses by the names of Silkar and Net joined into a partnership with Aer Lingus. Initially, the airline was formed as an inclusive tour charter airline. 

By the year 2007, Pegasus Airlines became the airline with the majority number of passengers than any other private airline in Turkey. In fact, it was estimated that a total of more than 4 million numbers of passengers were carried by Pegasus Airlines in 2008. With increasing popularity and reputation, the airline has initiated support numbers to provide customer support services to its passengers.

Benefits of Contacting Pegasus Airlines

The airlines have implemented customer support numbers as a step to strengthen the relationship with its customers. Thus, Pegasus Airlines does everything in its power to give good customer support service for satisfactory results. Any customers in need of help can dial the support number and access help swiftly and smoothly. 

Check out the latest complaints and queries made by customers who made use of the support phone number.

  • Passengers who needed assistance to make their travel preparation
  • Managing their international trip 
  • A detailed explanation of the forms and formalities of the airline
  • Accessing flight status
  • Checking the flight routes for their flight 

As mentioned, the airline does it best to resolves every little trouble faced by its customers. All they have to do is connect with an agent through the given phone number. The agents are professionals who are trained in the art of customer service and creating a customer-friendly environment. 

Here are Some of the Most Typical Reasons to Dial Pegasus Airlines Contact

  • When you need help with your online check-in
  • When you need to find information on the airline ticket, passport, and health-related issue
  • When there is a need for mobility or wheelchair assistance on the airport and onboard
  • When you need to know about the rules when it comes to traveling with pets

List the advantages of the Pegasus airline’s customer service Contact 

  • Make cancelation or scheduling reservation at the last minute
  • Inquiry on baggage delayed, lost or damaged
  • Prompting the ticket refunds 
  • Arranging accommodation for passengers with special needs or disability 
  • Rescheduling your flight ticket
  • Changing seat arrangements
  • Updates on the travel itinerary of the airline

How to reserve a ticket on Pegasus Air and how to contact them in case you need assistance

Pegasus Air Booking Policies and contacts

To reserve a ticket, the easiest way is to contact Pegasus Air on their phone number, which is. You can speak to a customer service agent and they will be happy to guide you through the entire process. The process to book a ticket is hassle-free and efficient. Booking a ticket is fairly straight-forward

  • Visit This is the official website of the Air.
  • If you have an account with the website, then log in to your account.
  • Enter the dates and destination
  • Check seat Availability
  • Choose the desired seat
  • Choose the kind of ticket you want to book.
  • Click confirm
  • Make the payment 
  • Enjoy your flight

Pegasus Air Cancellation Policy

To reach out to customer care you will have to contact them . This number is available 24*7 and also during weekends.

  • the customer will not be eligible for refund if has not booked the flight using the company website. 
  • If the ticket was cancelled within 24hours of booking then 100% of the ticket amount will be refunded.
  • if the ticket is cancelled 168 hours before the scheduled departure then too, the customer will be eligible for a refund.
  • As these rates depend on time of cancellation, they vary from case to case.

Pegasus Air Baggage Policy

The baggage policy of Pegasus Air is very clear:-

  • Every passenger of economy class is allowed just one carry on luggage. For business class passengers this limit increases to two. 
  • As per the company website, checked in luggage should not exceed the 25kg limit. For additional 15 kg a sum of $35 is charged.
  • This limit should not be more than 50 kgs. This number is flexible and varies between flight to flight.

Social Media 

In any event, where you are unable to get hold of the necessary help through the support phone number, you can use the email support or live chat support option. Pegasus Airlines also has official accounts on social media such as Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with its customers. 

Instagram: The airline has garnered more than 244K followers on Instagram.

Twitter: With over 311K numbers of followers, Pegasus Airlines provides daily feeds and tweets for customers around the world.

Pegasus Airlines Contact Details

Customer Service Phone Number

0888-228-1212, 90-216-560-7000

Pegasus Airlines International Customer Service Phone Number


Phone Number

Pegasus Airlines Turkey

0888 228 12 12

Pegasus Airlines Cyprus

0090 850 250 6777

Pegasus Airlines UK


Pegasus Airlines France

01 70060140

Pegasus Airlines Italy

06 45226934

Pegasus Airlines Netherlands

0 202 626924

Pegasus Airlines Norway


Pegasus Airlines Denmark

787 74491

Pegasus Airlines Sweden

0 84 0308782

Pegasus Airlines USA

0090 850 250 67 77

Pegasus Airlines Canada

0090 850 250 67 77

Pegasus Airlines United Arab Emirates

04 357 8128

Pegasus Airlines Abu Dhabi

00971 02 6770678

Pegasus Airlines Lebanon

01 369 869

Pegasus Airlines Ukraine

0800 50 5510

Pegasus Airlines Georgia

032 240 00 40

Pegasus Airlines Romania

021 375 91 75

Pegasus Airlines Iraq

0750 895 50 20

Pegasus Airlines Iraq

0964 773 026 80 08

Pegasus Airlines Kosovo

00383 38 225810

Pegasus Airlines Kazakhstan

8 727 2731717

Pegasus Airlines Austria

0 12675322

Pegasus Airlines Israel

0 37208299

Pegasus Airlines Kuwait


Pegasus Airlines Bahrain


Pegasus Airlines Qatar


Pegasus Airlines Azerbaijan

(0) 12 5980598

Pegasus Airlines Egypt

(0) 100 6038901, (0) 100 0068070

Pegasus Airlines Russia

7 4996092878

Pegasus Airlines Iran

98 21 26407529

Pegasus Airlines Greece

30 210 32 44 453

Pegasus Airlines Spain

34 650 476 937

Pegasus Airlines Oman

968 24 565 304/370

Pegasus Airlines Saudi Arabia

00966 13 8339065/13 8332770

Pegasus Airlines For Other Countries

0090 850 250 67 77


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