JetBlue Airways – San Diego Airport Terminal (SAN)

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jetblue terminal at san diego airport

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is the primary airport, being served by over 20 airlines & offers flights to many destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Among all the prominent airlines, JetBlue Airways is the one which is a low-cost that operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft and serves over 100 destinations in the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America.

In this article, you will get all the details of JetBlue Terminal San Diego, covering various policies & services of the airlines at the airport and the ways to proceed with the procedures!!!

General Information about Jetblue San Diego Airport

Have a quick overview through the basic information about Jetblue San Diego Terminal from the table given below-

AirportSan Diego International Airport
Airport Address3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
CitySan Diego
CountryUnited States
Airport Contact Number+1 619-233-2350
JetBlue Arrival Terminal San DiegoTerminal 2
JetBlue Departure Terminal San DiegoTerminal 2
Terminal Gate LocationUpper-level

What terminal is JetBlue at San Diego Airport?

JetBlue operates out of Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport (SAN). One can find this terminal on the western side of the airport where both domestic and international flights operate from two concourses. Unlike, other terminals at San Diego Airport, the concourses of Terminal 2 are linked with each other, so that, flyers can freely make use of the facilities provided.

There are many other airlines that operate via Terminal 2, including,-

Arrivals Terminal

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport for its arrival operations.

Departures Terminal

JetBlue Airways typically departs from Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport.

NOTE: The terminal for Jetblue arrivals and departures at SAN may change. To get the latest information, you must check here.

How to get to JetBlue Terminal at San Diego Airport?

You can follow the directions on the map given above to get to Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport, where JetBlue flights typically operate from. Also, you can enter the address into GPS for turn-by-turn directions.

What is the recommended arrival time for a flight from JetBlue San Diego Terminal?

The recommended arrival time for JetBlue flights at San Diego International Airport is 90 minutes prior to departure. It is always a good idea to arrive early, especially if you are traveling during peak hours or have any special needs.

Early arrival at the airport gives you enough time to go through the necessary procedures without having to rush. The ticket counters are open for the following times, so you will have enough time to purchase your ticket:

Opening Time: 2 hours before the departure time-table

Closing Time: 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure

How to check in for JetBlue Terminal at San Diego Airport?

There are different ways to check in for Jetblue Airways at San Diego Airport, depending on different criteria. Flyers can follow the steps below and pick the best procedure/way according to their convenience-

Through the website

If you check in online through the website, you must complete the process at least 24 hours before your flight departure, as follows-

  1. Go to the JetBlue website
  2. Enter your flight information.
  3. Click on “Check In.”
  4. It will enable you to print your boarding pass.

Through the Jetblue Mobile App

  1. Download & open the app named “JetBlue – Book & Manage Trips”
  2. Go to the “Check In” button.
  3. Enter your flight information.
  4. Follow the further instructions & you will get your boarding pass.

PRO TIP: If you check in online, you will be eligible to skip the long line for check-in at the airport.

At the Airport

  1. Go to the JetBlue ticket counter or self-service kiosk.
  2. Present your identification documents & the officials will verify your identity.
  3. The official will then issue you a boarding pass which will have all your travel details such as-
    • flight number,
    • seat number,
    • the scheduled departure time of your flight, etc

Flyers can also contact JetBlue Airways Office in San Diego, California for any queries before going to the airport.

What are the baggage allowances at the JetBlue Terminal in San Diego?

The baggage allowances at San Diego Airport JetBlue Terminal vary depending on the class of your flight. The table below will give you an overview of flights within the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Fare TypeFirst Bag (in USD)Second Bag (in USD)Third or3+ Bags (in USD)
Blue Basic3560²125-150
Blue 3560²125-150
Blue PlusFree60²125-150
Blue Extra3560²125-150
MintFree (up to 70 lbs)Free (up to 70 lbs)125-150
JetBlue Plus Card MemberFree60²125-150

Size dimensions of the baggage:

TypeSize (in inches)
Personal Baggage17 x 13 x 8
Standard Baggage22 x 14 x 9

Things to keep in mind regarding JetBlue baggage allowance at SAN-

  • You can check your bags at the airport check-in counter, the self-service bag drop, or at the gate.
  • You will be liable to pay a baggage fee if you bring more bags than allowed.

For other baggage-related information about JetBlue Airways, flyers must check here.

What are the lost and found protocols of JetBlue San Diego Terminal?

If you lost an item at San Diego Airport JetBlue Terminal, the lost and found staff at the airport will make every effort to get your item found. The Lost and Found agents will keep all found items for 90 days before they are discarded.

If the rightful owner is found, they can arrange:

  • On-Site Pickup: To pick up the lost item, by taking an appointment, you can visit there between 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM on weekdays or on weekends from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM for essential items. A third party can pick up the item but with the precondition of email authorization. 
  • Federal Express: The Lost and Found office can also ship the lost items via FedEx from Monday to Saturday before 12:00 PM at the owner’s expense.

Procedure for filing a lost item

  1. Contact the lost and found department at the airport.
  2. File a lost item claim.
  3. Stay connected with a Lost and Found custodian.
  4. If they find any match to your claim, the custodian will contact you within 48 hours.

More points to note

  • Items found at the airport: Lost items found at the airport are assigned to the lost and found office. This office is located in the central area, such as near the baggage claim or security checkpoint.
  • Items found on the plane: Those items which are lost in the plane, are given to the flight crew. They will then take these items to the lost and found office at the destination airport.
  • Contacting the lost and found: You can contact the lost and found office by phone at (619) 235-1294. You can also file a lost item report online at the San Diego International Airport website.

NOTE: The office will only accept fundamental items, such as government-issued IDs, passports, baggage, jewelry, medication, medical devices, cell phones, laptops, high-end electronics, and legal documents or military orders. Other items may be accepted or released at the discretion of management.

Are pets allowed at JetBlue Terminal San Diego? 

Yes, pets are allowed at San Diego Airport JetBlue Terminal, but there are some restrictions-

  • Only service and emotional support animals are allowed to go into the terminal.
  • Furry passengers must be in a carrier all the time during the journey and cannot be left unattended.
  • They are not permitted to go in the boarding area or on the tarmac.

Also, flyers must be payable if flying with pets. So, if you are traveling with your pet (T&C applied), you should contact JetBlue in advance to make arrangements. You can do this by calling their customer service line at +1-800-538-2583.

NOTE: The combined weight of the pet and carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.

Does JetBlue Airways at San Diego Airport reimburse for canceled flights?

JetBlue’s refund policy for flights departing from San Diego International Airport (SAN) depends on the fare type and the reason for the cancellation.

  • Refunds for refundable fares: If you have a refundable fare, you can freely cancel your flight and get a full refund within 24 hours before the departure from the airport.
  • Refunds for non-refundable fares: If you have a non-refundable fare, you will not be eligible for a refund unless you cancel your flight for a qualifying/valid reason like- a. Medical Emergency b. Death in the family c. Government travel restrictions d. Canceled Flight

If you are not sure whether your fare is refundable or not, you can contact JetBlue customer service for more information.

Are there any codeshare flights operated by JetBlue Airways at San Diego Airport?

When you book a codeshare flight, you will check in and board the flight with JetBlue. However, you will be flying on an aircraft operated by the codeshare partner airline.

JetBlue operates codeshare flights from San Diego Airport Terminal with the following airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines: JetBlue and Alaska Airlines at San Diego International Airport have a codeshare agreement that allows them to sell seats on each other’s flights. This means that you can book a JetBlue flight to a destination that is not served by JetBlue directly, such as Seattle or Portland.
  • Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines also has a partnership with JetBlue that allows them to sell tickets for each other’s flights. You can book a flight with JetBlue San Diego Terminal 1 to travel with this airline. This means that you can book a JetBlue flight to a destination where JetBlue does not fly directly, such as Las Vegas or Orlando.
  • WestJet: JetBlue and WestJet have a codeshare agreement, which means that they sell seats on each other’s flights. So, you can book a JetBlue flight to a destination that is not served by JetBlue, such as Vancouver or Calgary.

Is there a lounge at JetBlue Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport?

JetBlue does not have its own lounges at the airport. Besides it, some of the other lounges are present at Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport (SAN), including-

United Club

This lounge is located in Terminal 2, Concourse C. It is open to United Club members and travelers with certain credit cards.

Delta Sky Club

It is established in Terminal 2, Concourse B. It is available to Delta Sky Club members and passengers with some specific credit cards.

Aspire Lounge

This lounge is found in Terminal 2, Concourse E. You can access it by having a day pass.

You can also find a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops in the terminal. To know more, you can visit here.

What are the main flight classes operated by JetBlue at San Diego Airport?

JetBlue operates two main flight classes in Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport:

  • Blue Basic: This is the most basic fare class and offers the lowest fares. Passengers in this class do not get to select their seats in advance, and they are not allowed to bring carry-on bags. They are also limited to one personal item, such as a laptop bag or purse.
  • Blue: This is the standard fare class and offers more flexibility than Blue Basic. Passengers in this class can select their seats in advance and bring one carry-on bag and one personal item. They also get to earn TrueBlue points, which can be redeemed for free flights or upgrades.

JetBlue also offers a few premium flight classes, such as “Mint” and “Mint Even More Space”. These classes offer more legroom and other amenities, but they come at a higher price.

The specific flight classes that are available on a particular flight may vary depending on the route and the aircraft.

Does JetBlue Terminal San Diego provide parking services?

San Diego JetBlue Terminal does not have its own parking lot. But you can find a variety of choices to park at the airport. To book a parking space in advance, you can visit the Airport’s official website or call the parking hotline at +1 619-400-2947 as it is recommended to book parking in advance, especially during the peak days.

Get the latest parking information for Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport from the table below-

Parking OptionLocationDaily Rate
Terminal 2 Parking PlazaNear Terminal 2$38
Short-term ParkingNear Terminal 2 Parking Plaza$10 for the first 3 hours, $3 per hour thereafter, $40 maximum
Economy ParkingA short distance from the terminals$20
Valet ParkingTerminal 1 and 2 Parking Plazas$50

*Prices are subject to change

Which car rentals are available at JetBlue San Diego Terminal?

SAN offers a variety of car rental options for travelers. There are several car rental companies located at the airport, including economy cars to SUVs. To get to the CRC, you can take the free shuttle bus that runs from the airport terminals.

Have a look at the available CRCs at San Diego JetBlue Terminal-

Car Rental CompanyContact

You will need to present your driving license and credit card to the rental car company for renting a car. Also, they will inspect the car and may charge you for any additional fees, such as mileage or damage during the return time.

Which hotels are located near JetBlue Terminal in San Diego?

There are several hotels located near the airport, offering a range of accommodations from budget to luxury, ensuring you will find a hotel that fits your needs and budget. See the details given below-

Holiday Inn San Diego – Bayside, an IHG Hotel3-StarBreakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Air Conditioning, Fitness Centre, Bar
Hilton San Diego Mission Valley4-StarBreakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Air Conditioning, Fitness Centre, Bar
Comfort Inn Gaslamp Convention Center2-StarFree Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Fitness Centre, Airport Shuttle, Full -service laundry, Accessible
Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town/SeaWorld Area3-StarBreakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Air Conditioning, Pet-Friendly, Fitness Centre
Sheraton Mission Valley San Diego Hotel3-StarBreakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Air Conditioning, Pet-Friendly, Fitness Centre
Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Central 3-StarBreakfast, Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Air Conditioning, Fitness Centre, Bar

What are the various amenities provided by JetBlue San Diego Terminal?

JetBlue Terminal at San Diego Airport provides a range of facilities for its passengers, including:

  • Free wireless internet: JetBlue offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the terminal.
  • Recharging stations: You can find power outlets installed for recharging devices at most gates and in some common areas at the terminal.
  • Lactation rooms: There are two rooms available for nursing mothers.
  • Airside lounge: JetBlue has a dedicated lounge for its premium members located airside.
  • Luggage storage: You can get the facility for storing luggage there.
  • Money exchange: There is a kiosk for exchanging currency near the terminal.
  • Automated teller machines: The ATMs are located throughout the terminal where you can withdraw money if you want.
  • Food and beverage: A variety of dining options are available in the terminal, including restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Overall, JetBlue Terminal San Diego is a modern and convenient terminal that offers a variety of amenities for its flyers. If you are flying out of San Diego International Airport, JetBlue Airways is a great option. The terminal is conveniently located and offers a variety of amenities to make your flight experience as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is JetBlue in San Diego?

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport (SAN).

Is JetBlue in Terminal 2 in San Diego?

Yes, Jetblue Airways is at Terminal 2 in San Diego.

Which airlines are at Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport?

There are several airlines operating at Terminal 2 in San Diego International Airport like- JetBlue, Air Canada, Alaska, British, Delta, etc.

What terminal does JetBlue arrive at in San Diego?

Jetblue flights arrive at Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport.

What terminal does JetBlue depart from San Diego?

JetBlue flights depart from Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport.

How early should I arrive for my JetBlue flight at San Diego Airport?

You should arrive at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

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