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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Iceland Air Reviews – Economy Class

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About IcelandAir

Icelandair airline is the National airline of Iceland. Founded in the year 1937, it operates mainly from its main hub located at the Keflavik international Airport. Following the code-share agreements with Alaska airlines, Finnair, and JetBlue airways; the Icelandair airline covers more than 50 destinations in Europe and North America. Dial the Icelandair airline phone number to know about the booking system to enjoy flights via this airline.

Book Flights, Hotels, and Vacation Packages

Icelandair airline is part of the Iceland Group that operates flights to various cities. Some of them are: Geneva, London, Madrid, Montreal, Toronto, Oslo, New York, Brussels and many others. Customers looking forward to book tickets to the above mentioned destinations can call at the Icelandair airline customer service number and ask the representative for the necessary guidance. In addition to book flights online, customers can book hotels or vacation packages with the official website of the airline.

Simply dial the Icelandair airline helpline number 1-877-294-2894 and ask the customer support to give you handy tips to follow the booking procedure. With the quick assistance, you can easily find the cheap flights to the destinations.

Online Airport Counter

With the help of Icelandair airline contact details, customer feel like, they are talking with the online airport counter, wherein each and every query will be resolved. In few minutes, customers can have a full access to the airline information and its quality services. Customers can even post the feedback or suggestions or can read the same with the Icelandair airline reviews.

Dial the number and fly to your favorite destination today.



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2 years ago

Worst airline ever. Had a 11 am flight that got pushed back to 9 pm the day before with no reason. Get on the airplane at 9 sit on it for two hours with a problem. Deplane us at 11pm tell us mechanics need to 1 AM to fix it. If it isn’t fixed by 1 am it will be canceled and they will put us up in Boston for the night. So much for our vacation in Iceland!!! If canceled Iceland can go screw itself. I will NEVER book another trip there.

Nancy Belmore
Nancy Belmore
5 years ago

Last year I was able to book a flight from Victoria BC (via Vancouver) to Reykjavik. Flew Victoria to Vancouver; Westjet to Edmonton; Edmonton to Rejkjavik. Can’t find out how to do this on your online booking site. I only want that route, i.e. I don’t want to travel via the U.S. with Alaska Airlines. I attach a copy of last year’s booking information. Please advise.


5 years ago

this is weird. i called the number on this page:1-877-294-2894. Someone picked up right away and said reservations (didnt say anything else). after i spouted off what i needed help with he asked me oh wait you already made a reservation? you will need to call the airline. and i said can you give me the phone number? i was told this was th enumber and he said sorry i dont have that number and hung up. what the heck just happened?!

6 years ago

Ditto to what everyone is saying. This airline sucks! When Our flight was delayed 2 hours causing us to miss our connecting flight, they said we could get a refund if we had to book with a different airline since they didn’t have anything available until 24 hours later! I’ve been on hold 30 minutes and still haven’t been able to get through! DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE!

Erika van Lennep
Erika van Lennep
6 years ago

I agree with Sarah. I was booked on a 1pm flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen, they changed me to a 4.10pm flight and haven’t answered my request as to why. I also cannot get through to them on the 1-800 number.

I want to cancel and get a refund but how do I get onto them?

Sarah Sanford
Sarah Sanford
6 years ago

Have been unable to get through to anyone at customer service for the last 10 days. Calling twice a day! The 800 223 5500 number is useless. This is my first and LAST time flying by this carrier. STAY AWAY

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