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    Sarah Sanford

    Have been unable to get through to anyone at customer service for the last 10 days. Calling twice a day! The 800 223 5500 number is useless. This is my first and LAST time flying by this carrier. STAY AWAY

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    Erika van Lennep

    I agree with Sarah. I was booked on a 1pm flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen, they changed me to a 4.10pm flight and haven’t answered my request as to why. I also cannot get through to them on the 1-800 number.

    I want to cancel and get a refund but how do I get onto them?

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    Ditto to what everyone is saying. This airline sucks! When Our flight was delayed 2 hours causing us to miss our connecting flight, they said we could get a refund if we had to book with a different airline since they didn’t have anything available until 24 hours later! I’ve been on hold 30 minutes and still haven’t been able to get through! DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE!

    Rating: 1