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Established in the year 1989, Hainan Airlines operated mainly from its hub located at Haikou Melian international Airport and Beijing Capital international airport. The Hainan airlines allow the passengers to fly to around 90 destinations located worldwide. Customers can enquire about the airlines and its services via Hainan Airlines phone number. Customers can call at the given number, i.e. 1-888-688-8813 and enquire about the cheap flights, or baggage services or even about the refund policies.

Hainan airlines cover the destinations such as Beijing, Xiamen, Wuhai, Phuket, Jakarta, Calcutta, Sydney and many others. The airline is known for its exceptional service both in terms of flight service and customer support. Fliers can call at the Hainan airlines helpline phone number and ask the customer support executive about the services. Customers can book flights online and enquire about the flight departure and arrival time along with other details.

Hainan airline is one of the largest airlines in China. Customers can reach to Hainan airlines customer service team and ask the executives, about the online flight booking and baggage details. It includes baggage charges, refund policies and even cancellation procedure.

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Fliers can call at the defined number and ask the Hainan airlines customer service department. Fliers can make enquiry on flight arrival, baggage charges and even confirm the destinations.

Additionally, customers can know about the services of the airline through Hainan airlines reviews. Reviews will help the customers to know more about the service quality of the airlines.

Official Website:https://www.hainanairlines.com/
Reservation Hotline:1-888-688-8813
Special Passenger Service:1-312-374-3700
Ticketing, enquiries & website issues+86-898-95339
Member service Number:+86-898-950717
Cargo Reservation:+86-10-5617 0030
Cargo Enquiry Tracking:+86-10-5617 0030
Feedback, Complaints & Reviews+86-898-95339

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  • Rick Garside says:

    Hello – I was traveling from Los Angeles to Ulaanbaatar via Hainan Airlines, and transferred to Miat Airlines (flight #OM 224) on July 18. One of my bags was missing and I filed a report when I landed. The bag number is HU 577184. I repeatedly called the local airport and went personally twice to look for my bag in lost and found.

    It has been almost 2 months and I have also checked for the bag in Beijing. At this point I consider it lost and need to file a claim with your airline for compensation for the bag an it’s contents. Please tell me what I need to do, and send me whatever forms necessary to get this resolved. Thank you.

    Richard Garside

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