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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Hahn Air is a class-leading airline based out of Germany. This company also offers charter flights to Europe and other parts of the world. Even though Hahn Air is a full fletched airline they also offer sophisticated ticketing solutions, which happens to be their core business as well. To service all these verticals, the company uses multiple customer service helpline number.

The company also offers distribution services like flight transmission to other airlines. As the company has more than 350 airlines and transportation companies as partners so offering best in class customer support becomes a priority. The company offers multiple phone numbers so that its customers and partners can reach them at any time.

Let’s take a look at the number of support services that are offered by the Hahn Airlines.

Hahn Customer Service Number

Hahn Airline provides a dedicated customer service helpline number. They can be reached at . You can call them if your facing issues like:-

  • If you need information about the companies service.
  • If you need localized destination support
  • If you need a customized flight plan
  • If you want to know our pricing
  • If you are a business and Hahn business services

Contact Hahn Air Complaint Number

The company has a separate helpline number to address complaints. The contact number is . The line is open 24*7. Some sample complaints are

  • Your booking was automatically canceled
  • The company executives were not able to provide you information
  • Unfair charges were levied on you
  • A seat was not provided to you due to overbooking
  • Quality of service was inferior

Please note that this helpline is for complaints only.

Hahn Airlines Customer Service Number

Hahn Customer service can be reached . This helpline is available 24*7. Some possible scenarios when you might need to call technical support are:-

  • If you are unable to connect to our ticketing platform.
  • If you have trouble while checking in online
  • If you want to know the technical details of the aircraft
  • If you are an international client
  • If you received incorrect ticket details

Use this number only if you need technical support as no other requests will be entertained on this helpline.

How to reserve your Hahn Air Ticket

For reservations, the line is available 24*7 and even during holidays. Such support ensures that the customers are always satisfied and their queries are resolved.

To book the tickets, follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Log onto https://www.hahnair.com/en
  • You will find the company’s refund, insurance and rescheduling policies on the homepage itself.
  • You can also check out the various spot offers that the company advertises on its website.
  • First, choose the country of origin for ticketing purposes.
  • Choose your travel dates.
  • Choose the method of payment and transaction details.
  • Confirm your journey details as mentioned in the email sent by Hahn Air.

Hahn Air Cancellation

To reach out to Hahn Air cancellation cell, please dial. As the phone line is available 24*7 there shouldn’t be any problem while connecting.

To cancel your tickets look at the information mentioned below:-

As the company defines itself as an aggregator instead of an operator, they have different approach to refunds. As per the company’s website, you should file a refund application or a GDS request to get a refund against cancellation. You are also advised to pay back the taxes if you have already filed it.

The company also states that if the refund application is not filled out properly then the refund request will not be  entertained.

Baggage Policy of Hahn Air

The excess baggage policy of Hahn Air is as follows:-

  • Passengers of the economy class are allowed baggage not exceeding 20 kgs.
  • For business class, the limit is 32 kgs.
  • 39 euros are charged for a maximum of 40 kgs for business class
  • If you are travelling economy, 39 euros will fetch you another 32kgs of excess baggage.

These charges are indicative and may change without prior notice. To know more about the baggage fees, please call.

Hahn Air Social Media Channels

Hahn Air has a great social media presence and they are active on most of the social media channels.Lets take a look at their social media presence.

Hahn Airlines Facebook

With around 8700 hundred likes and the number of followers exceeding the 8000 mark, Hahn Airline is quite popular. The company posts a lot of information about their strategic tie-ups and their other outings.

This constant source of information is a great source of customer satisfaction and also helps the company in connecting with its customers.

Hahn Airlines Instagram

Hahn Airlines has a great Instagram page as well as is liked by a lot of its customers. The page is filled with posts from the company and its affiliates.

The posts are both funny and informative. This approach is quite popular with customers and end users.

Hahn Airlines prides itself in providing one of the best customer service experience available. They try to provide the best in class experience to its customers and this shows in the customers unflinching loyalty.

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