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  • Bogdan Chrustek says:

    Hello, my name is Bogdan Chrustek and I come from Poland. I am person who is really interested in aircrafts and airlines industry. I am freak of flying and in free time I enjoy reading about aviation in Internet.I must admit, that Chengdu Airlines has interesting web-page and I really like be up to date with it. Moreover I collect items connected with this area, such as safety cards/ A319, A320, /, and postcards. As I know that removing safety cards from airplanes is strictly forbidden I would like kindly ask you about possibility obtaining gifts from your company. I will be really excited if you decide to send me some materials.Thanks in advance and I wish you success in future.Bogdan ChrustekUl.Armii Krajowej 81/5530 150 Krakow Poland Rating: 5

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