America West Airlines Customer Service

To reach out to Customer Service agents the number is +1-877-209-1629. Any of your customer service queries will be addressed through the representatives. You can expect expert and timely responses from the representatives. However, the Customer Service Number might be unavailable in certain regions during holidays. You will be given a ticket number for further tracking.

America West Airline Reservation and Booking Number

America West Airline reservation number is +1-877-209-1629. This number is accessible from anywhere in the world and is active throughout the year. If you need any help with the booking process then you can contact the company representatives who will be more than happy to help you out. The customers can even get their whole itinerary planned through the company personnel. It pays to have a robust customer service system in place.

America West Airline Cancellation and Reservation Number

The process of canceling your ticket is both quick and easy when you book through America West Airline. If you have used other methods like booking through an agent then you might not be eligible for a refund. The department that deals with cancellations is available on +1-877-209-1629.

The cancellation policy followed by the company goes something like this:-

The America West Airline has two prices, depending on whether you are flying on the domestic circuit or on the international circuit. For domestic flights, you can be charged up to $250 and for international flights, the costs can be as high as $750 dollars.

America West Airline Baggage Charges and Policy

The baggage charges levied by America West are quite nominal. Compared to other airlines it is the cheaper option. To avail the best possible solutions, you can contact the team at +1-877-209-1629. Please note that the prices might increase or decrease depending on the type of ticket and destination. The carry on has been capped at 8 kgs and check-in baggage at 49 kg per person. For international passengers, the carry-on limit is 12 kgs, while for carry-on luggage the limit is the same at 49kgs.

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