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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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As one of the better known French Airlines, Aigle is very popular amongst its customers. The airline which operates from the Paris Orly Airport also runs a dedicated helpline to better service its customers. If you need to contact Agile Azur then you can give them a call on

As you can see, there are a lot of people who try to get in touch with Aigle Azur. The phone lines might get a little congested due to the immense load. But fret not, Your call will be picked up as soon as possible. If you wish to get in touch with Aigle Azur, France. Then you can give them a call or write an email. You might know that a lot of companies take quite some time to reply but Aigle Azur is not one of them.

Aigle Azur Manage Booking

If you fly Aigle Azur, then managing your bookings is easier than ever before. You just have to visit the official Aigle Azur web-page and then you can click on ‘Manage My Booking’ to alter your bookings from a centralized place. You can also use the Aigle Azur app to achieve the same. 

Aigle Azur Beirut Contacts

Aigle Azur ensures that you receive the best in class telephonic support when you fly with them. The contact number for Aigle Azur can be reached from anymore in the world and is also toll-free to provide more value to its customers. The trained professionals will help you out with anything you need. The best course of action will be provided to you.

Aigle Azur Contact France | International Service

If you are an international traveler, say from Beirut, then you will get uninterrupted support with everything you might require. This also helps as people flying to a foreign country might not be familiar with how things function

Aigle Azur Contact Details

Reservation Customer Service

Phone Number

Aigle Azur Algeria

213 (0) 21 749 300

Aigle Azur Portugal

808 500 997

Aigle Azur Mali

223 (0) 20 22 12 35

Aigle Azur Senegal

221 338 226 880

Aigle Azur Lebanon

961 1 789 987

Aigle Azur Germany

49 6031 737630

Aigle Azur Belgium

32 (0) 2 712 64 25

Aigle Azur Russia

7 495 699 21 27

Aigle Azur United States


Aigle Azur Miami


Aigle Azur Canada


Aigle Azur Netherlands

31 (0) 3161924

Aigle Azur United Kingdom

8 444 821 690

Aigle Azur Switzerland

41 (0) 44 220 19 99

Aigle Azur Economy Class Reviews

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Jana Karam
4 years ago

i need a refund for purchasing 3 tickets

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