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    Jim Wright

    I thought I needed some file conversion software. I made a mistake and purchased two sets of software for $US36.23 and $US 27.49. I definitely do not want the second set,
    I cannot activate the software because the registration codes appear to have been used before. I would like the second transaction reversed and some reassurance that the first lot of software will do what I want. I also need the registration codes sorted out..

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    I just recently purchased video pad 6.10 software. I am having the issue I cannot get the audio track to play all the way through my 10 minute video any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Rating: 4
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    Norbert Koch

    I bought the software debut when registering probably in the bottom box did not enter the full mail address. Can not unlock the software because I did not receive any mail. I would like to continue working with it.
    Thanks for your help